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Tom Cruise Arrives at Duxford Airfield with Helicopter, Flies Away in a WWII Plane

Mission: Impossible 7 isn’t even yet in theaters, and Tom Cruise is already training for the next installment. The actor continued his flying lessons, hopping from a helicopter into a Boeing biplane.
Tom Cruise Flying Biplane 7 photos
Tom Cruise in Mission ImpossibleTom Cruise in Mission ImpossibleTom Cruise in Mission ImpossibleTom Cruise in Mission ImpossibleTom Cruise in Mission ImpossibleTom Cruise in Mission Impossible
Action spy films are all exciting, because they feature a lot of fights, car chases, and some of the most interesting vehicles. But what sets Mission: Impossible apart from the others is its lead actor – Tom Cruise.

Known for his love of adventures, the 59-year old actor still does his own stunts. That, sometimes, doesn’t always come off as intended, and he’s been injured on set several times. But he keeps on going, and there’s nothing he wouldn’t try. He’s taken helicopter lessons, hopped behind the wheel in numerous car chases, and now he’s improving his skills flying a biplane.

Tom Cruise was spotted at Duxford Airfield in Cambridge, UK, as he arrived in a B3 helicopter. But that wasn’t all, because, several minutes later, he hop was on board a Boeing B75N1 Stearman biplane, and took off. One can just wonder what will happen in Mission: Impossible 8 that Cruise needs to learn to fly a World War II plane for it.

But, then again, we’re talking about Tom Cruise, and it’s nothing the actor wouldn’t do for an accurate scene. As accurate as they can be in spy movies. His dedication makes it real, though.

Hopefully, the eighth installment of the beloved spy franchise won’t be delayed as much as the seventh one. You remember that we should’ve had two Tom Cruise movies in theaters this year, including the sequel to Top Gun, Maverick, but they have seen several delays.

For MI7, it felt like the movie was actually cursed, given how many obstacles the team encountered on and off the set. They recently finished filming, and the movie is currently in post-production.

Don’t think we’ll get to see MI8 too soon, though. They haven’t even started filming, and MI7 is supposed to hit theaters on September 30, 2022. But who knows what other skills will Tom Cruise acquire by then?


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