This Two-Story Actros Is an Off-Grid Hotel on Wheels and the Coolest Vacation Experience

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I want to invite you to picture yourself waking up one morning, and instead of the sounds of cars outside your window, all you hear today are waves crashing against a nearby shoreline. Oh, and all of it is for you. Time to take a different kind of vacation this summer.
Ladies and gentlemen and outdoor lovers, especially surfers or those looking to learn how to surf, lend me your eyes for just a few minutes so that you can get to know a bit about Truck Surf Hotel (TSH), the amazing expedition vehicle/hotel accommodation/on-road experience/and downright lifestyle adventure before us.

I know; that was one tricky paragraph to read, filled with morsel after morsel of information, but the truth of the matter is that TSH is a very unique on-road hospitality experience, and today we're going to find out a bit more about what this adventure has to offer, where you can find it, and how much you can expect to dish out on this sort of vacation.

Now, TSH's story began back in 2017 when the idea of a mobile and "flexible" lifestyle came to Eduardo and Daniela, lovers of the boarding lifestyles, no matter the surfaces. However, both Daniela and Eduardo have extensive surfing experience under their belts or wetsuits, if you will. So, it was only a matter of time before things got to where they are today.

Truck Surf Hotel
Photo: Truck Surf Hotel
Part two of the story is the moving hotel itself, which is built upon a Mercedes Actros. This vehicle is often used as a base for some of the world's meanest expedition vehicles, and if you've checked out the image gallery, you can see why.

Heck, as we can see, this Actros is designed to function as a two-story habitat, and this is a rather common occurrence with these vehicles. However, the full extent of this habitat is only activated upon arriving at your surfing destination; after all, that's what this is about catching the most killer waves or just learning the sport.

Oh, and as you'd expect, this habitat on wheels is loaded to the brim with all the features needed to ensure a completely independent and homey atmosphere. Sure, it's got the whole hotel thing going for it, but it's also beefed up enough to offer that experience anywhere; after all, there aren't many shore power sockets in the middle of a beach.

Overall, the first story is where guests of the TSH can wine and dine after a day of surfing the local waves. There, they can find a 10-person dining table and a fully equipped kitchen for cooking meals. This floor also includes a video projector and sound system in case they want to review the footage from the day's rides. There's a bathroom here too, and access to the patio outside. Yes, there's a little space where you can enjoy a view of the waters you'll wade through all day, hang around on bean bags, and chat it up with your friends; have a coffee or tea while you're at it.

Truck Surf Hotel
Photo: Truck Surf Hotel
Then there's the second floor of this behemoth. While the first floor was all about co-living and socializing, the upper level was all about sleeping and resting your sore bones after a day of hanging ten if you get that far into your learning curve. Up here, guests will find four bunk bed rooms and a double bed suite at one end of the unit.

Now, I understand that bunk bedding doesn't sound like the most high-class experience around; it's about the only way you can fit this many rooms into a single floor of an expedition vehicle. Plus, this sort of experience isn't about where you'll be sleeping, but rather what goes on during the waking hours of the day.

The questions now remain as to where you'll be traveling and how much you'll be paying to indulge in some very unedited moments. Well, if you have some surfing experience, for €790 (860 at current exchange rates) during the low season, you can take a seven-day, six-night trip to the Truck Surf Hotel. During high season, that price jumps to €920 ($1,000) per person in a shared double room or those bunk rooms I mentioned.

If you need to be taught some surfing basics, €925 ($1,003) is the starting point during the low season, and €1,070 ($1,160) while the waves are flowing with ease. But, the most attractive package is the group experience, where you and your friends all rent this bugger out for no more than €4,755 ($5,160) during low tides and €5,500 ($5,965) during those waves everyone's talking about.

Truck Surf Hotel
Photo: Truck Surf Hotel
So, when can you join in on this action, and where? Well, from May 19 to June 8, 2024, TSH will be spotted around Southwest Portugal for the low season and will continue to stay there until June 22, 2024, for the high season. Then it's onto Northern Portugal, where the high season begins from June 23 to September 7th, 2024, and then simmers down into lower tides again until September 28, 2024.

Yet, it's from November 17th. 2024 to March 2025, which may interest individuals looking to get away from it all during the holidays. During those dates, TSH is roaming around Morocco and catching waves when everyone else is clearing snow out of their driveways.

If you've been looking for a different kind of vacation experience for this year, this may be the one. Oh, and as a side note, this thing is so loved that someone even came up with a LEGO version of it; that's what you saw in the image gallery.

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