This Superyacht Is a "Football Field" of Luxury and Art Deco Living: Set To Sail in 2025

Just about every single thing around us first started as nothing more than an idea, a concept, and this is true even for the yachting industry. For example, the floating mansion we have before us today is nothing more than just a dream. For the time being, that is.
Beyond 82M Concept 11 photos
Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Beyond 82M ConceptBeyond 82M ConceptBeyond 82M ConceptBeyond 82M ConceptBeyond 82M ConceptBeyond 82M ConceptBeyond 82M ConceptBeyond 82M ConceptBeyond 82M ConceptBeyond 82M Concept
Folks, the Beyond is nothing more than one of the freshest superyacht listings on Northrop & Johnson, one of the world's leading superyacht brokerage firms, and while it's currently just a concept, the fact that this team is the one selling this dream means that it can really become a reality. That's if you tick off the price tag box.

Now, the idea behind the Beyond is very similar to that of just about any other superyacht out there, but with some very stand-apart exceptions. For example, this concept is designed to be 82 m (269 ft) long, so nearly the size of a friggin football field, and that sets the stage for everything that's to follow.

First off, any ship of this nature is rarely the work of just one team, and in the case of the Beyond, the exterior was crafted by none other than Christopher Seymour, while the interior was handled by Carl Esch in collaboration with Theodoros Fotiadis. All have a massive presence on the yachting scene and countless projects under their belts.

As for the result of their work, the Beyond presents itself as the sort of ship that can achieve a tad more than your average superyacht in that it has a helipad, a toy garage for multiple tenders and a plethora of toys, sections of its hull unfold to create floating platforms, and above all, an exquisite interior that, once completed, will probably stand as the backdrop for countless Hollywood flicks. All that and more is stuffed into six separate decks.

Beyond 82M Concept
Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Starting with the exterior, we're presented with a vessel that's not only sleek but also has a menacing side view, appearing as though it were a sword of the seas. This effect is created by a long and sharp bow, elongated and low-rising superstructure, and a wide and flat rear for stability. The latter also acts as a beach club and welcome lounge, not to mention housing a pool, in case salt water isn't your thing.

Since we find ourselves at the rear of the Beyond, let's take our first steps and explore the remainder of this behemoth. While at the beach club, be sure to note the hull segments I mentioned that float above the local waters and serve as diving platforms or on-the-go docks for tenders and toys.

Toward the bow, another section of the ship reveals access directly into the owner's loft, ready with its own personal stairway and tender nearby. This is a feature I haven't yet witnessed. I wonder if an inflatable slide can be adapted here. Why not?

Beyond 82M Concept
Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Speaking of owner's suites, we don't have any clear images of just what this space will eventually look like, but what the floorplan does show is access directly onto the helipad from this space. Massive glass walls retract to allow owners to do so.

The remaining decks are completed with staterooms for up to 12 guests, lavish and utterly perfect salons, dining halls, art-deco accents - even the furniture can be considered art - multiple pools, including an infinity pool, swim-up bars, and even an elevator through all six decks. And that's just a taste of what's in the plans for this hunk of floating steel.

As for that interior, oo-wee! I find it's one of the most lavish interiors I've seen in a superyacht in quite some time. Each room only showcases limited furnishings, letting our eyes fully grasp what is going on without anything feeling too overpowering. In short, I see nothing but balance.

All that's brought on with materials the likes of wood, granites and other stones, semiprecious metals, and a use of artificial lighting that accents what nature already placed there, rays of sunlight. Did you happen to notice those wonderful wave-like structures on the ceiling of some rooms?

Beyond 82M Concept
Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Take a moment and picture yourself walking through the halls of this vessel right after you come back from a dip in the sea. How does the wood and marble flooring feel under your bare feet? Go ahead, touch the furniture, take some photos of you looking your hottest, and post them on Instagram. Go talk to your friends or cannonball into the pool. Maybe take a helicopter ride or go snorkeling around some nearby reef.

Heading off to a spa center? While it's not currently in the works, I'm sure the future owner will figure out a way to incorporate this space into the plans. Neither is a gym. Then again, these are minor details that can be discussed over an espresso and a duffle bag of cash.

Now, ships like these may seem fantasy and all, and for some, they are, but as I mentioned before, if a team like Northrop & Johnson is selling this concept, then you can bet your bottom dollar that it can become a reality. All that's needed is, again, a big bag of cash. How much? The broker hasn't revealed this number just yet; based on my experience, it's got to be well into the tens of millions of dollars. What would you do with $10M or more?
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