Spot the Differences: The Real O'Rea Superyacht and Its Renderings Are a 99.99% Match!

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Photo: Golden Yachts
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As I was growing up, one of my favorite activities was completing those "spot the differences" ordeals. Well, here I am, years later, doing a similar thing with what I consider one of the most flawless superyacht executions ever!
Folks, the machine we're looking at today is nothing more than the O'Rea superyacht, a vessel launched earlier this year. As to why I chose to bring it to light, there's just so much to talk about, but in particular, how the real deal and the renderings that guided the process look completely alike. In short, it's a carbon copy of its blueprints, as any such endeavor should turn out.

Before we go on, take a nice long look at the images in the gallery. Pick one of the ones that says 'rendering' and place it side by side an image of the real O'Rea. For the next few moments or so, make a nice long list of the differences you see between the two; disregard any pixelation of lines and color tones.

So, what did you see? If you're like me, you spotted no differences whatsoever. Maybe, just maybe, there are a few lines here and there that look a tad different from the rendering. Other than that, this is the true nature of a rendering: to act as a blueprint for what dreams may come.

O'Rea \(Rendering\)
Photo: Studio Vafiadis
Now, the story of the O'Rea begins with three particular teams. The first is this machine's builders, none other than Golden Yachts, a crew hailing from Greece with an appetite and ability to craft some of the world's most notorious floating mansions. A few notable castles they've built are the O'Pari and O'Ptasia, vessels that reach a length of as much as 95 m. that's nearly the length of a football field.

As for the O'Rea, it flows in with a length of 77.7 m (255 ft), so it's a bit shorter than other Golden ships but no less stunning. Speaking of stunning, the exterior design is the work of yet another crew we've covered on several occasions here on autoevolution, Studio Vafiadis, a team that's responsible for some very luscious and award-winning superyachts.

This time around, Vafiadis went to town, creating a dream that stretches, literally, established industry norms and, in the process, gave the O'Rea's owners the escape they've been looking for. Maybe the O'Rea is a side hustle because this beauty can even be chartered as we speak. The least you can pay for a one-week stay is €680K ($723K at current exchange rates).

Photo: Golden Yachts
However, this time around, Vafiadis had a touch of help in bringing forth the exact interior that O'Rea's clients wanted. Massari Design is the crew I'm talking about here, and this Italian-based team that initially started out crafting superyacht interiors and has now grown to cover everything from aircraft to casinos and private mansions, the likes we only see in movies.

By the looks of things, Massari seems to be the crew whose final say was respected during the ideation and construction process because the interior of the O'Rea matches the works found in Massari's portfolio. From winding staircases to gold-covered globe ornaments, granite and marble floors to art-deco walls, all of it has that top-shelf Italian feel. Wood and LED lighting also join the party and with a beautifully integrated design, panels of wood illuminate spaces such as lounges and dining halls.

Since we don't have a whole lot of images of the interior to go by, let's explore a tad more of the O'Rea's exterior and, best of all, its toy lineup.

One of the most striking features that's bound to grab your attention is the helicopter pad at the front of this ship. While it's only 255 ft in length, average by superyacht standards, by starting the superstructure from the center and elongating it toward the rear, ample space for the chopper was easily found. That deck can be used for countless activities, including lounging or even setting up a dance floor.

Photo: Golden Yachts
Speaking of the rear of this ship, it's also here that we can experience a completely different lifestyle than we may be used to. Aside from expansive alfresco areas, a wonderfully laid out sun deck, and even a pool on the main deck, it's the beach club and its features I'm most psyched about.

You can tell that O'Rea isn't a cheap ship because only some of the industry's most expensive vessels include mobile sections of hull, creating floating platforms to be enjoyed by guests, be it lounging or a moment with your significant other. A couple of other 'floating' sections are spotted at the front of the O'Rea, so enjoy the show.

As for the all-important toys list, again, O'Rea surprises with four tenders, a couple of hydrofoils, Seabobs, jet skis, SUP boards, wakeboards and all other boards you can think of, Jobes, water skis, and so much more. In short, you'll be spending a whole lot of cash on a one-week stay, but the memories you'll make will surely be worth the kid's college fund. Just a little something-something to consider for next year's vacation.
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