This Oddly Intriguing Device Is a Car Air Freshener, a UV Lamp, and a Mosquito Trap

Car air fresheners are here to stay, but in the last few years, we've all been witnessing a total transformation of this product category.
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ClearBreath 3-in-1 deviceClearBreath 3-in-1 deviceClearBreath 3-in-1 deviceClearBreath 3-in-1 deviceClearBreath 3-in-1 device
The latest models come with all kinds of features you wouldn't necessarily expect on an air freshener, including options to pair them with your smartphone and get a notification when they require a refill.

Someone on Kickstarter has come up with another all-in-one device, this time proposing a unique but pretty intriguing approach.

Their air freshener also plays the role of a UV lamp, which kind of makes sense after the health crisis the planet has been struggling with not a long time ago, but also of a mosquito trap.

As weird as that last part might sound, ClearBreath is totally worth checking out.

But first things first. With a very clean design, ClearBreath uses UV light to power its features and special "plates" that can be installed to activate special modes.

ClearBreath is a UV light that cleans your interior when no such accessories are connected. It works just like a traditional UV lamp, so you must install it in the cabin and give it some 10 minutes to do its magic.

Then, by fitting the fragrance accessory, you can convert it into an air freshener that can be installed pretty much anywhere. You don't need to do anything special, as you just leave the product in your car and allow it to release the chosen odor. Thanks to an integrated 1,200 mAh battery, it provides some 80 hours of battery per charge. It supports charging via a USB cable, and the inventor says it takes some 60 minutes to go from 0 percent to a full battery.

The last and the most unusual role is the mosquito trap. Using a sticky plate, ClearBreath uses UV light to attract the mosquitos and catch them once and for all. Obviously, the more mosquitos, the more time it'd need to provide an itch-free experience, but hopefully, your car isn't a nest, so it should be pretty efficient overall.

This rather unusual device has recently been listed on Kickstarter, where the parent company hopes to raise the necessary funds to start production. Of course, such a product isn't necessarily expensive, so the funding goal has already been reached at the time of writing. As a result, mass production is now just a matter of time, with the first units expected to be ready for shipping in August.

If you want to give ClearBreath a try, the only thing you must do is to get the Super Early Bird package available on Kickstarter for $39. Once the campaign comes to an end, the price will double, so the cheapest version will cost $79.
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