This Is One Truly Frustrating Motorcycle Race Start

How good is your anger management? 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
I had quite a laugh with some friends watching the video below, especially trying to picture myself in the position of the race "official". The truth is that I admire how calm this fellow is... I'd have lost my temper at the third jumped start or so and possibly threatened the riders with the very flip-flop in my hand.
This drag race takes place in Pendawa, just south of the Indonesia capital Jakarta, and frankly, it doesn't seem to have anything official about it.

The two bikes appear to be a Yamaha Jupiter MX and a Ninja R150, and input from the readers who live in that part of the world would be most welcome to sort this out.

Indonesia is one of the Asian countries that house large motorcycle manufacturing facilities from big names, and small-displacement bikes are extremely common there. In fact, bikes over 200cc are often referred to as "big bikes", with what we are used to calling "big bore machines" being very rare and expensive.

Underage riders are a common thing

In many Asian countries, the road regulations are enforced less strongly than in the US, and are in fact, hard to compare to how strict these things are in Europe. This leads to a lot of youngsters riding motorcycles they should not be astride, and of course, racing is inevitable.

Unfortunately, the concern for rider protection is so low in these areas, that we can only spot a handful of riders wearing helmets, of which only a few are passable as being able to provide any protection at all, in case they are strapped, anyway.

This looks like a minor aspect when the riders lined up at the start of an ad-hoc drag race jump the start no less than five times. As for the race, the Jupiter rider seems to be more focused and determined to ride at the limit of his and his bike's capabilities. Still, watching the video once more, we could almost bet the sixth start was also jumped, but at least both riders did so almost simultaneously.

How good is your anger management?

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