Honda Gold Wing Used as a Tow Truck Is an Epic Sight

This is the most outrageous modding job we ever saw put in place for a Honda Gold Wing... and at the same time, one of the most efficient. Using motorcycles instead of tow trucks sounds weird, but it looks like a very lucrative alternative, especially in large cities.
These Gold Wings will tow your car! 5 photos
Photo: Facebook capture
Honda Gold Wind tow bikeHonda Gold Wind tow bikeHonda Gold Wind tow bikeHonda Gold Wind tow bike
We are not sure where these contraptions come from, as we got those photos from a Vietnamese friend. However, if we were to make a guess, we'd go for China, even though only based on one of the watermarks.

The rear section of the Gold Wing was heavily modified, and a large receiver unit (for lack of a better term) was installed. The first photo we saw left us rather puzzled, and it was only when we saw the Gold Wing in action when we understood how things worked.

The receiver has dual extending arms and wheels, and a ramp connects them, so the front wheels of a car could be fixed on the ramp prior to towing.

It is yet a bit unclear how will the car get loaded on the ramp, as we don't see any type of crane, and can't seem to find similar devices. The only explanation is that the whole ramp can be lowered enough so that it would fit under the car, then lifted into the "bye-bye car, hello fine"

As for the Gold Wing, the bike's power of almost 120hp and 123 lb-ft (166.9 Nm) is more than enough to get the job done, even if a medium gradient must be surmounted. Compared to a truck, this Honda "Gold Tow" will require significantly less fuel, will generate fewer emissions and reach the job site faster, whether it's for help or dealing retribution for illegally parked cars.
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