Dogs Are Great Motorcycling Companions

This dog is enjoying his Can-Am-powered retro car 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
For some reason, pets accompanying their owners on motorcycles look like they have some sort of superpowers. Whether we are talking about cats, dogs or other animals, small or big, they surely look very cool riding along.
Now, it looks like dog trailers to be used with motorcycles is more than a mere niche thing. We have seen all sorts fo trailer designs, from makeshift and not-exactly-safe ones to intricate designs that take the shape of UFOs or even retro cars.

We've all met dogs who pop their heads out the window of a moving car, especially during the summer, cooling down as the wind makes their leering tongues flap in a funny way. Likewise, smaller dogs that ride in the lap of their cruiser-riding owners are not the rarest of things. We even met cats that would stick their claws in specially-tailored pieces of felt attached to a bike's tank.

Before spending your money or your money and time, in case you decide to build such a trailer yourselves, the best thing is to try and see how does your smaller companion feel about riding with you.

While some animals might find the noise of a bike, the speed and the wind one of the best fun they can get, others might get easily scared. Needless to say, forcing them onto the bike, in your lap, inside special bags or cases causes unnecessary stress and fear.

Now, this dog seems just fine inside his car-shaped trailer and doesn't seem to be hindered by the goggles. Even more, the chap looks like he's enjoying this ride even more than his owner, especially as he doesn't have to drive and be always aware of what's going on both on the road and behind the Can-Am Spyder.

We're not sure about what the law says about transporting animals in such trailers. Anyway, we'd rather go with the flow and say that everything is fine as long as the animals feel fine and safe. After all, no owner would spend money to hurt their pets, would they?

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