This Exquisite Speed Boat Is About To Wow the World, and We Still Don't Know Its Cost

Gladiator 961 Speed 16 photos
Photo: Canados
Gladiator 961 SpeedGladiator 961 SpeedGladiator 961 SpeedGladiator 961 SpeedGladiator 961 SpeedGladiator 961 SpeedGladiator 961 SpeedGladiator 961 SpeedGladiator 961 SpeedGladiator 961 SpeedGladiator 961 SpeedGladiator 961 SpeedGladiator 961 SpeedGladiator 961 SpeedGladiator 961 Speed
Most, if not all, of the superyachts and sports boats we see zipping across international waters started out as nothing more than a concept. That's precisely the case when talking about the Gladiator 961 Speed, and since Canados is the crew behind what we see, you can bet your bottom dollar it can be a real deal, that is, if the right buyer steps up to the plate.
Folks, Canados is a shipyard that's been in the boat business since 1946, and these days, over 800 Canados yachts have been delivered to financially endowed guests. Well, the Gladiator 961 speed is their freshest machine, so hold your bubbly, and let's see what we can get our hands on.

First and foremost, it's important to note that this vessel was first unveiled back in 2022, and what made it so special, and still does, is its ability to blend luxury living with speed and technology. For example, it's over 29 m (95 ft) long but can still reach speeds in excess of 50 knots (57.5 mph).

All this is thanks to the presence of some beefy motors, which I'll get to shortly, but also the way this machine is built. According to the manufacturer, E-glass and Vinylester resin lamination are used to build the hull, but the superstructure is crafted from nothing more than vacuum-bonded carbon fiber.

Gladiator 961 Speed
Photo: Canados
Airex insulation is then brought to "eliminate squeaking, increase rigidity, and reduce noise underway" while keeping things as light as possible. With these building blocks, the result is a sleek and clearly speed-inspiring machine.

Just picture yourself seeing this vessel for the first time tied to some dock. What would your reaction be? I'd want to touch it, peek in through those black glass windows, and even ask the captain or owner if I could climb aboard. If I flash my press badge, I'm sure I'd be invited up, even if only for a brief moment.

To climb aboard this ravishing creature, you'll be boarding via the aft deck, the same space that will later act as a point of lounging around in the sun and jumping into the local waters. Oh, and floating right above, a large sunbed spans nearly the entire width of this deck, all except the space needed for two stairways in place to take us to the main deck.

Here, we find ourselves in the presence of a large lounge that can also double as a sweet spot for some afternoon snacks, or we can access the full-length walk-around and head to the bow of the 961. If there's ever a ship to display one of the cleanest and most alluring bow lounges around, this is the one. It's a similar layout to the one found at the rear of the main deck, but still, it's the place you want to be seen as you roll in and out of port.

Gladiator 961 Speed
Photo: Canados
Actually, the open-air flybridge is the place I'd want to be spotted making my appearance to the masses. Or, we can all just relax a bit on more lounges. Sure, it may seem a bit light on features and such, but remember, the eventual owner of this ship will be able to add or remove some features. If I'm not mistaken, a galley block is already present in the renderings we see.

With most of the exterior living out of the way, the interior of this ship awaits. Here, too, the story about the interior being at the hands of the eventual owner is also true, but Canados still gives us a taste of what could be in store.

But, the balance between metals, composites, stone, glass, and natural and artificial lighting is the work of none other than Cristiano Gatto Design, a team responsible for delivering 201 ships since their inception, with another 15 being built as we speak. In short, they're a trusted team, and the reason why the interior of this craft is absolutely flawless.

Since the overall space to work with isn't very ample, the crew over at Gatto had their work cut out for them but came out with flying colors and a main lounge with east-west facing and dining in the background, all the while high-rising and curvy windows are slanted just at the right angle to allow sunlight inside. A wheelhouse sits at the very front of this deck.

Gladiator 961 Speed
Photo: Canados
Finally, the lowest deck on this ship is reserved for nothing more than the sleeping quarters of both owners and VIPs alike, but it won't matter which of the two categories you fall under because each room is absolutely exquisite.

Elevated beds are highlighted with LED strips that invite guests to sleep while under the influence of the ocean's motion, and a smart use of panels and partitions creates countless little areas where folks can embark upon a number of activities.

All this brings me to my last and final point: if you or anyone steps up to this ship's plate, how the interior comes out and the sort of toys you'll have in place are all open to your input, as long as it's within safety regulations and all that.

As for how much we can expect to dish out for something like this, neither Northrop & Johnson nor Canados offer any hint as to what we can expect. But, if there's one thing I know, it's that we can clearly expect the price tag to be in the millions. Oh, and that it's scheduled to launch in 2024.
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