Amer 120 May Be Small, but This Italian Masterpiece Took a Boat-Load of Cash To Build

Depending on who you ask, luxury and high-class living always take on different faces. Well, one industry that's considered the peak of lifestyle is yachting, and one team rising to the top is Amer Yachts.
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Photo: Amer Yachts / Permare S.r.l.
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Folks, yachting has always been a symbol of 'making it' in this lifetime. Well, one boating crew that's been making quite the impression in recent years is Amer Yachts, a team hailing out of Italy, so you know they have a very solid definition of luxury and fine living.

Well, in the spirit of getting to know a bit more about this team, I've decided to shed light on one of their most recent builds, the Amer 120, a yacht that blends style, comfort, and modern design with fine living, speed, and above all, memorable experiences.

Now, the 120 comes in with a length of no more than 35.5 m (117 ft) and a beam of a tad over 7.4 m (24 ft), so rather small for a superyacht, but this has its benefits. For example, this little gem can fly around international waters with speeds upwards of 28 knots (32 mph) and cruises at 24 knots (27 mph).

Oh, and according to Amer's website, the 120 is also built with minimal composite materials, helping reduce the amount of the stuff by 4 tons and using an array of other metals and glass. Why the shift toward alloys and glass? Simply because these materials are recyclable, ensuring that worn and tired Amer 120s see life as other components, maybe even ships. Melt it down and start again.

Amer 120
Photo: Amer Yachts / Permare S.r.l.
But who in their right mind would ever melt such a beauty? Never mind that; what's important here is how this ship came to be. Well, guess what? Amer didn't work alone on this vessel; three other teams were implicated: exterior designer Andrea Ramasco, interior designer Stefano Tini, and naval architect Massimo Verme.

The result of the work is nothing more than a ship that spreads out over three decks, all the while including all the high-class creature comforts millionaires could ever ask for and then some. Pristine lounges, jacuzzis, the dreamiest of bedrooms, and expansive and free outdoor areas all make up the 120 but don't forget about the toy garage and its ability to birth fun machines.

To understand what's in store, let's take a short and imaginary trip aboard this vessel. To do so, you'll either be brought aboard with a tender or, if you're one of the more important folks in the crowd, the Amer 120 is waiting for you, secured to some dock.

As you climb aboard, you'll be doing so via the beach club. This is also the same place where guests can relax by dipping their feet into the local waters, hopping onto any of the toys hidden in the belly of this beast, or simply soaking up some sun.

Amer 120
Photo: Amer Yachts / Permare S.r.l.
If we want to access the rest of the 120, we're to use the lateral stairs we see on each side of the beach club. In doing so, we find ourselves at the rear of the main deck, where a beautiful main lounge lies in wait for hungry and relaxation-destined guests.

But, a few steps more toward the stars, we find ourselves sitting in one of the simplest yet lavish sun decks I've come across in a vessel of this size. At the highest point on the ship, owners and guests aboard the 120 are welcomed with a hard-top bimini sitting over a lounge, a jacuzzi, and lounge beds overlooking the waters aft.

If you're not a big fan of staring off into your past, how about the future? To do so, we must return to the main deck where, at the front of the 120, another lounge sits in wait for numerous guests. Don't forget that everyone is also pampered with the help of crew members.

Now, with most of the exterior out of the way, let's head inside to see what all the critics are raving about. Well, as folks enter the main salon, they'll find themselves in a space that's flooded with natural light, made possible by all the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Amer 120
Photo: Amer Yachts / Permare S.r.l.
Here, guests are able to enjoy fine dining, tell stories, create collaborations, or grab a glass of wine from the cellar. All the while, sunlight will be bouncing off metal semiprecious metal accents and reflected upon the leather and fabrics we see.

Beyond this space, the beam-to-beam owner's suite is found, but we can also make our way to the lowest deck of the 120. Here, as is traditional of such vessels, the sleeping quarters of the less lucky guests will be able to rest their heads in rooms that are no less inviting than the owner's suite, albeit a tad smaller and with fewer features.

Funny enough, as small as the 120 comes across, in comparison to other vessels we typically see on our pages, it's still fitted with that toy and tender garage I mentioned, and, best of all, the crews involved managed to incorporate a gym into the design, and two intimate balconies along the 120's sides, accessible from the main lounge.

Be sure to continue exploring the images in the gallery and the video below for a better understanding of what the 120 offers. Once you do, and if you've got the cash to seize such a ravishing ship - no less than €13.5M ($14.8M at current exchange rates) through Y.CO - you know what the next step is.

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