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This Anti-Theft Bike System Knows How to Put Up a Fight, Comes With Instant Alerts and GPS

Designed and engineered in Colorado, U.S., the MaxTracker is a smart and durable anti-theft bike security system that comes with GPS, motion sensors, a loud alarm, and instant mobile alerts. It is compatible with both regular and electric bikes. 
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MaxTracker anti-theft appMaxTracker anti-theft appMaxTracker anti-theft bike systemMaxTracker anti-theft bike systemMaxTracker anti-theft bike system
According to the current trend, the MaxTracker also claims to be the world’s most advanced anti-theft system, boasting a durable, waterproof, and weatherproof construction (it has an IP67 rating) and smart features meant to keep your bike safe no matter where you leave it. The company is so confident in its product that it assures customers it will pay the BlueBook value of their bike in case it gets stolen while the system is armed and if they can’t get it back within 30 days.

The MaxTracker is placed inside a water bottle cage which is made of aerospace-grade polycarbonate. It comes with real-time 5G/LTE connectivity and GPS tracking. Instant mobile alerts are received via your smartphone if anyone tries to move your bike or tamper with it, with the motion detectors signaling your phone within 10 milliseconds.

Moreover, a loud 120 dB alarm gets triggered to further discourage thieves. You can turn it on or off according to your preferences, using the dedicated app.

A rechargeable battery is included with the MaxTracker, which lasts for more than two months on a single charge. It comes with a smart battery management feature and several usage modes.

You can preserve the battery life by activating the “Home” mode when your bike is safely stored, and the MaxTracker enters deep sleep mode. For maximum security, you can use the “Armed” mode, and there’s also an automatic mode that keeps the system vigilant while also saving power.

You can pre-order the anti-theft bike system on Indiegogo, where it is currently the subject of a funding campaign. There is still a month left to the end. The MaxTracker is priced at $150, with the estimated shipping date being November 2021.

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