This 500-Square Feet Tiny Home Is Meant to Be Supremely Comfortable

The Ahipara Tiny boasts more than 500 square feet 8 photos
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Ahipara Tiny HouseAhipara Tiny HouseAhipara Tiny HouseAhipara Tiny HouseAhipara Tiny HouseAhipara Tiny HouseAhipara Tiny House
Meet Ahipara, the beautiful tiny house that manages to squeeze remarkable accommodation capabilities into a compact frame that's still easy to transport and maintain. If sustainability and an elegant interior design are equally important to you, this Kiwi tiny house won't disappoint.
Tiny homes are one of the most versatile alternatives to conventional housing worldwide, and this has a lot to do with modern, space-saving design features. A tiny house could be as small as 18 square meters (194 square feet) and still provide all the basics for a comfortable lifestyle in a natural setting. Still, families or couples who require dedicated rooms for specific activities can also reap the benefits of this alternative style thanks to tiny home designs with greater interior volume and a more traditional layout.

The Ahipara would make a great family home. While ground-level bedrooms are typically linked to single-level configurations, the Ahipara takes things to the next level by adding a loft bedroom as well. It basically combines the best of both worlds to offer the most comfortable accommodation on wheels. At the same time, it's a way to provide room for more people while staying compact and not sacrificing any of the standard living spaces.

As a result, the Ahipara Tiny boasts all the comfy features of a classic home, such as a separate bedroom, a spacious lounge with a huge sofa, a perfectly equipped kitchen, and a dining setup for up to four people. In addition to all of this, an upstairs bedroom can sleep one or two people, but can also be used as a spare room for various activities.

Ahipara Tiny House
Photo: Ecospace
It's private enough to become a comfortable home office, and it would also make a great playroom for the kids. In some cases, this space could even be used to store all the larger items that wouldn't normally fit downstairs. In other words, the Ahipara ensures the full comfort of a traditional, single-level layout with the perk of an extra, multi-functional area.

Ample sliding doors (a signature feature of most New Zealand-designed tiny homes) cleverly turn the lounge into an indoor/outdoor space. This particular placement not only ensures the best panoramic views but also creates an immersive experience where guests feel surrounded by nature and fully connected to it. The home's generous 47-square meter (506 square feet) floorspace means there's enough room for a huge, L-shaped sofa that's comfy enough for the whole family. Plus, a convertible version could turn this into an occasional third bedroom.

The lounge, kitchen, and dining area are all part of a wider open-space section, flanked by the enclosed bedroom on one end and the separate bathroom at the other end. There's no formal separation between the main living areas, which makes Ahipara seem even more spacious. This type of layout is also one that encourages people to spend more time together instead of isolating them. There's even enough room to host parties or family brunches where folks get to socialize and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.

Ahipara Tiny House
Photo: Ecospace
Tiny homes in New Zealand and Australia often sport a breakfast bar as an informal dining feature that saves a ton of space while reinforcing the overall indoor/outdoor flow. Ahipara is no exception, but what makes it special is the size of its breakfast bar, which can easily welcome three or four people.

Strategically placed in front of a large window, this generous bar is perfect for family breakfast, but not limited to that. Owners who want to use Ahipara's accommodation capabilities to the fullest might also prefer to turn this into a makeshift home office instead of the loft. With a flexible layout like this one and generous interior volume, there's always room for change and multiple functions.

Even with this big breakfast bar, the kitchen still offers ample storage both under and above the countertop. The bathroom also provides more storage than you might expect and enough room to include a washing machine in addition to all the basic appliances.

Ahipara Tiny House
Photo: Ecospace
One of Ahipara's most beautiful features is the enclosed bedroom that opens onto the exterior deck. It feels like a room in a luxury resort, fitted with large glass doors and a cozy bed. The full-width glass doors create the appearance of a transparent wall that brings the outdoors in. Plus, having private access to the deck from the bedroom is almost like having a dedicated terrace. At the same time, the lounge is connected to the front side of the deck, which is big enough for the entire family and guests.

As its name suggests, Ecospace is a builder that prioritizes sustainability. Apart from its luxurious layout, Ahipara is meant to be as energetically efficient as possible. Built with Structured Insulated Panels (SIPs), this home ensures maximum warmth and premium insulation even in harsh climates. This also allows all HVAC systems to operate with maximum efficiency, which equals lower costs.

Sustainably sourced woods and non-toxic paints and treatments also make Ahipara a better choice for the environment and for generations to come. This home's elegant interior is also matched by a rugged exterior designed to withstand the specific challenges of remote, all-natural locations. The deck is optional but obviously recommended, especially for a design like this, with separate bedroom access.

With two bedrooms and generously sized living areas, Ahipara shows the full potential of a 500-square feet floorspace while staying within the limits of a mobile home.
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