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This 35-Foot Electric Foiling Yacht Blends Cutting-Edge Tech With Retro Styling

UK-based shipyard Spirit Yachts joined forces with marine engineering consultancy BAR Technologies to design and deliver a brand-new electric foiling yacht: the Spirit 35 Foiler.
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Spirit 35 FoilerSpirit 35 Foiler spider configurationSpirit 35 Foiler open cockpit configurationSpirit 111 sailing superyachtSpirit 111 sailing superyachtSpirit 111 sailing superyacht
Spirit Yachts is known for its modern classic yachts that incorporate innovative solutions. You might recognize the specific style of these yachts from the famous James Bond movies where they cut through the water with 007 onboard.

Built with handcrafted wood and sustainable materials, the shipyard’s vessels feature an elegant design that turns heads whenever they hit the water.

“Sustainability” became a buzzword in the maritime transportation sector, as more and more types of vessels are investing in battery technology and efficient electric drivetrains. Spirit Yachts is continuing its path toward a green future through its partnership with BAR Technologies.

The shipyard is in charge of the styling of the new foiling yacht, which was commissioned by the same owner of the award-winning Spirit 111 sailing superyacht, a vessel with an incredible performance launched in 2019.

Spirit Yachts will give the Spirit 35 Foiler the classic signature look, while BAR Technologies will deliver a hull below the waterline. Leveraging its Americas’ Cup simulation and design expertise, the company will integrate foil technology to reduce hull contact with the water and improve comfort and efficiency.

The foiler measures 35 feet (10,6 meters) in length, and it features an open cockpit configuration that can be converted into a two-seater spider configuration. It is a spacious yacht that can fit up to six passengers on board.

In terms of performance, the vessel will cruise across the water at 25 mph (41 kph) and will “fly” at a top speed of 35 mph (56 kph). BAR Technologies will develop and manage the Spirit 35 Foiler’s electric powertrain, which will provide a range of around 115 miles (182 km) and up to five hours of foiling.

The yacht is currently under development at Spirit Yachts’ facility in Ipswich, on the east coast of the UK. Once completed, the vessel will hit the water and head to its owner next year.

Editor's note: Gallery includes images of the Spirit 111 sailing superyacht as well.

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