These LA Burglary Suspects Just Took Selfies to Unreachable New Heights

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What is the craziest selfie you ever took? This was a trick question because the only right answer is "none because I don't take selfies," but we'll let you off the hook this time. Especially since whatever it is that you answered, it was probably dwarfed by what these two guys from Los Angeles did.
Yesterday, a dark blue Ford Mustang convertible was the star of a police chase originating in Cerritos, some 25 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. The car was apparently used by two burglary suspects who seemed to be enjoying the attention they were getting.

With police cars on their tail and news helicopters in the air, the two in the top-down convertible drove through the rain while behaving like they had it on good authority that the world was going to end the next day.

Here we are, though, alive and well, while they're probably held up in an LAPD jail. How they ended up there, however, is an entirely different story that really deserves to be told. The suspects led the police on a chase for a few hours, forcing the squad cars to disengage a few times for safety reasons. The passenger stood up, danced, made gestures towards the other drivers - all while the car was moving. They even had time to show off some driving skills by performing the occasional donut. There was one hairy moment when a TMZ bus tried to block their way, but the Mustang managed to break free.

In the end, abc News says the Bonnie and Clyde duo (or, rather, Bono and Clyde, since they were both males) stopped in an LA neighborhood where they were greeted by the people hanging out on the street.

High fives and handshakes were exchanged, but since the police were nowhere to be seen, they were starting to get bored. So they began taking selfies. The two main protagonists were the first to do it, but then others joined it. It was a selfie extravaganza all the way until the first police cars showed up.

We're used to seeing police chases with bizarre endings, but this is all different kinds of weird. The first suspect turns himself in like a pro - hands at the back, walking slowly in reverse towards the officers. The second, who was still standing in the car, seems to ask "who, me?" and then goes "oh, OK" repeating the same routine as his partner in suspected crime. They had either read "Turning in to the police for dummies" or they clearly had previous experience.

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