There Are Just So Many Wrong Things with This Miami Police Chase

Police chase conclusion in Miami 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Why do people run away from the police? It's stupid because instead of dealing with one or two slightly over-zealous police officers, you'll be swarmed by dozens of mad-angry boys in blue when they eventually get you. And they will get you.
Still, blame it on the movies or on the fact that hope dies last, felons continue to try and escape the long arm of the law. This fellow right here, driving a red sedan, led the way for a few police cruisers on the highway until he committed the ultimate mistake and ran into a dead end.

He seemed to finally realize his mistakes and tried to get out of the car, holding his hands up. The only problem was he was stuck between the car and a fence, unable to move towards the officers. However, there was enough room for one of the two K9 units to reach him and, even though we can't see it, to probably grab him by the leg. Since he didn't like getting bitten, the man got back into the car.

At this point, the police officers became the aggressors. The man was obviously giving up, surrendering, but spirits were too high following that chase and the police officers weren't satisfied just to take him in. So they released the dogs for no apparent reason, since he didn't need subduing. When he re-entered the vehicle to protect himself, the policemen became even more agitated. They opened the passenger-side door and tried to throw (literally) the second dog in. They succeeded on the second attempt, and the first joined the party as well. But since it couldn't get to the target but was overly-excited, it started biting the first dog's behind.

A cat doesn't seem to appreciate all the hubbub and can be seen (at 1:23) running into a crack in the fence, just in front of the car. Meanwhile, after chewing at our suspect for a few seconds, the two dogs are pulled out, and the man is asked to exit through the passenger door. In other words, they're telling him to come willingly towards the two dogs that were just attacking him not five seconds ago. Oh, and close to twenty armed police officers pointing their guns at him.

Despite what every cell in his body must have been telling him, he does it, laying on the ground face-down. He's jumped by more than ten men, even though two would have probably been enough as he wasn't resisting arrest (anymore). And the officers kept piling up, as if a dozen wasn't enough. The only reason I can think of is to cover the two or three that are closest to him while they vent everyone's accumulated frustration by unnecessarily hitting the man. If you're a fan of the zombie movies, the scene will appear extremely familiar: it's just like when the hordes of undead get their hands on a fresh body.

Normally, we would all side with the police. We have no idea what that man did, but he clearly did something wrong. But whatever it was, as long as we have laws, the police are only entitled to apprehend the lawbreakers, and not dish the punishment as well. These are the kind of incidents that make people lose their respect towards the force, and you can't blame them. This is just state-backed bullying. We don't need a gang of psychopaths serving and protecting us, thank you very much.

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