Self-Entitled White Old Lady Finds Out You Don't Dare an Officer to Detain You

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Have you ever had to pee so hard that nothing else in the world mattered anymore? The aliens are coming? Yeah, whatever, unless they're bringing a urinal with them, they're pretty much useless to me now.
I've always argued that the simplest and least expensive way to offer yourself a short dose of complete happiness has nothing to do with sex. All you need is about two liters of drinkable liquid and some time. The recipe is as follows: drink said two liters of liquid as quickly as possible; do whatever you like over the next couple of hours; postpone the moment you pee until you feel like your bladder is going to implode; enjoy the sublime exhilaration when you finally open up the doors.

But if you choose to play this game, whatever you do, make sure you don't drive over the speed limit. Because if you do, the police might pull you over, and then you're going to be forced into a conversation you might not have the nerve for just then.

This elder lady was caught doing 66 mph in a 50 mph zone (she was going downhill, so that might explain it), but it's obvious she couldn't care less. When asked for her driver's license and registration, she asks whether the officer can speed up the procedure as she's in a hurry because of a bladder infection. But instead of providing the papers so that it could all be over quicker, she insists on telling the whole story of her medical condition to the policeman.

This is standard procedure when being stopped by the police: you don't even need to hear the man say it, you just ready the papers and hand them over. But not if you're a self-entitled old lady that also happens to be - and I'm gonna say it - white. You've had a privileged life, and you're not going to let a police officer treat you like you're some kind of criminal. You're going to make him listen to you even if it's the last thing you do.

So things quickly escalate when the officer gives her an ultimatum - "show me the papers or I'm taking you to jail" -, to which she replies "well, go ahead." "OK," says the man in blue, and he opens the door and grabs her by the arm. Now... I'm human too, I had a grandmother so one percent of me feels bad for the old lady, but the expression on her face when she realizes what's happening is absolutely priceless. Up to that point, she wasn't taking any of that seriously, but her fixed stare and opened mouth show that she's slowly starting to realize this isn't a game and she's now going to jail. I laughed so hard at that. I know, I'm going to hell, but it was worth it.

Deep down inside, though, she still hopes her social status is going to get her out of this, so she doesn't step out of the vehicle. She gets dragged out instead, and the conversation suffers a very steep change of direction. Once her hands are cuffed, she's not the cocky, pedantic grandmother anymore, but it's too late.

You know, maybe she did have a bladder infection, but daring a cop to take you to jail is a bad idea regardless of the state of your piping. It does make for a hilarious short clip, though.

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