Police Chase in West Hills Is Grand Theft Auto-Worthy from Start to Finish

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Kids these days, huh? They spend most of their time watching violent movies and TV shows, reading violent comics and, most of all, playing violent video games. It's a wonder they don't kill us all in our sleep just so they can play without us nagging them all the time and stealing the computer power cable.
But what do you suppose is this grown-up's excuse? I mean, looking at what he did, he must have finished "Grand Theft Auto V" on top difficulty several times, because he's an ace at it. This man committed armed robbery, left the scene in a stolen vehicle, carjacked another truck and then led the police on a wild chase. And just when you thought it was all over, he did the most unthinkable thing.

The man simply took off with another woman's truck that was parked in the driveway (if you don't want them to get stolen, don't leave them outside your homes, OK?). The victim tried to stop him, but he kept on going regardless, so the truck owner had to make a choice, and she chose safety. However, she did have her iPhone in the car, so the police were able to locate the runaway vehicle easily.

But knowing where the car is and actually stopping it are two very different things. So after some brash maneuvering and some hazardous driving, the truck seemed to slow down. A police cruiser attempts a PIT maneuver, but it fails, narrowly missing a parked truck. The second one is more successful and the pickup finally comes to a halt. Only it doesn't, as a very slow escape in reverse is attempted.

A second police car (the one that performed the initial maneuver) stops behind the truck, blocking its way. The suspect has nowhere to go, but given what we've witnessed so far, we can expect anything from this man. And then he comes out, hands in the air and... plot twist. It's not a man, it's a woman.

But you have to feel that her gender is the one thing that kept her alive after what she pulled next. Instead of dropping to the ground as the officers were undoubtedly telling her to, she slowly creeps towards the police cruiser at the back of her truck. When she gets close enough, she dashes for the driver's door, but an officer tackles her, and it's all over. She's cuffed and taken to the hospital, because she accused a pain in her leg.

Watch that final part of the pursuit, after the truck is stopped, and try to imagine what would the outcome have been if there was a young man instead of her. I'm not going to say more, but I'm sure you can think of a few other aggravating circumstances yourself. I'm willing to bet those guns would have gone off.

You can watch the full video, or simply skip to the conclusion below.

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