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Some ten days ago we ran a story based on new data from the London Metropolitan Police in the UK, revealing a rather disturbing reality. Motorcycle theft was up a mind-blowing 44% in 2014 compared to 2012.
Here's Motodock, a very cool and functional anti-theft solution arriving from Spain, and that can be easily put to use in pretty much any conditions. As its name already says, Motodock is a bike docking solution engineered to accommodate a motorcycle's front wheel and secure it in place.

The dock can be supplied with an optional anchor that makes stealing the motorcycle even harder. One of the main issues with securing the bike to a firm object that serves as an anchor is that either the would-be anchor is not as solid as we estimate, or the chain/ U-lock has a very weak point.

Thieves who have a bike in sight might carry a chain cutter and if the chain or U-lock you used are not top notch, they will be easy to eliminate. Still, the Motodock anchor provides space for not one, but three securing devices, allowing you to use more than one chain or U-lock to keep the bike safe.

Even more, when used in conjunction with the dock, the ground anchor can be positioned in such a way that it will allow riders to run a chain through the rear wheel and over the swingarm or frame section. This anchor is also easy to install: it comes with three strong bolts that go into holes drilled in a sturdy surface such as the concrete slabs in a parking lot or similar places.

The same installation method works for the Motodock, but one extra bolt is supplied. Riders must simply drive the front wheels of their bike into the self-closing dock after setting it according to the wheel dimension.

Once the wheel is docked, a rod will then be inserted through the special holes and the rim, and it secures the bike in place. The rod has a keyed locking mechanism. Using chain cutters on the rod is impossible because the smart design does not allow a thief to insert the cutting tool and reach it.

The Motodock shop offers the anchor for €85 ($95), the dock alone for €470 ($525) and the full safety package for €498 ($555). This is definitely not the cheapest solution, but obviously, it looks like one of the most secure; plus, Motodock is way cheaper than your motorcycle.

And here's a neat anti-theft guide for you.

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