The Livaq Equad Is a Game-Changing Electric ATV With a 70-Mph Top Speed and 170-Mile Range

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Whether we like it or not, electrification is taking the transportation industry by storm. Many auto manufacturers are prioritizing EVs, and we're seeing more and more electric two-wheelers, including e-bikes and electric motorbikes, on the road. But how about electric ATVs? Today, a new player, Livaq, announced the Equad, which they claim is "the most capable electric ATV ever conceived."
So, why would anybody go for an electric ATV? First, they make less noise – whether you prefer urban riding or shredding dirt trails, it helps to have a quieter vehicle. This way, you'll cause less commotion riding around and won't disturb people or wildlife.

As with many other EVs, another significant benefit is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Of course, there are still emissions when you produce the vehicle, but with an electric ATV, you can enjoy an off-road adventure without releasing harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.

Another critical factor is maintenance – there's a lot of maintenance involved with any gas-powered, off-road designed vehicle. With electric ones, you don't have to care for them that much.

Electric ATVs have seen some advancements in recent years, particularly regarding technology. One example is lithium-ion batteries, which are now preferred over traditional lead acid. They're lighter and have higher energy density, meaning they can improve the vehicle's overall performance and increase its range. Moreover, various advanced safety features are now integrated into modern ATV designs.

Livaq Equad Electric ATV
Photo: Livaq
You can find multiple options regarding electric ATVs nowadays, such as the Eco Charger Lithium Prestige. But today, I'll be discussing a new player seeking to disrupt the electric ATV industry, a Detroit-based company named Livaq.

The man behind Livaq is its founder, David Medina. As a child growing up in Mexico, David was interested in transportation. His idea for an electric ATV popped up in 2016 when he noticed the ATV landscape was mainly gas-driven. At the time, he was 17 and couldn't obtain proper funding to fulfill his vision.

Several years later, he reshaped that original idea into what we now know as the Equad, a 4x2 vehicle meant to blend sustainable technology with powerful performance. After calling hundreds of manufacturers, he found 28 that could help him craft his vision.

Of course, a product is just as good as the team behind it, and David chose a team of students in Mexico who were passionate about the product to aid him in bringing the product to life.

Livaq Equad Electric ATV
Photo: Livaq
Last year, Livaq toured the Equad at ten shows, and this year, it was even present at the renowned Detroit Auto Show. The company hasn't revealed its full specs yet, but we already know some critical details regarding the EV's performance.

The first thing you'll notice about the Equad is its futuristic and minimalistic design. It features many sharp angles that give it quite an aggressive look and a big bright LED headlight. The seat seems to be made out of a sustainable, recycled material.

The fairings are manufactured from repurposed carbon fiber, a durable and weight-reducing option that also serves as an eye-catching aesthetic touch. By the way, the Equad tips the scales at 1,010 lb. (458 kg).

Of course, a striking design is nice to have, but the actual value is in the vehicle's performance – and that's where the Equad truly stands out. Dynamic 16 kW dual hub motors power the ATV's rear wheels, with energy fed by a 15.4 kWh NMC (nickel manganese cobalt) battery.

Livaq Equad Electric ATV
Photo: Livaq
The battery packs are made to withstand hardcore use – they're shock and water-resistant and housed in stainless steel casings, which protects them against impacts and corrosive oxidation. Moreover, they have a modular design, enabling customers to upgrade and replace them. According to the manufacturer, the Equad's battery assures over 3,000 cycles of performance.

Livaq claims the battery allows you to ride for up to 170 miles (274 km), although that can vary depending on how and where you ride. What's more, the dual motor setup allows you to speed up to an impressive 67 mph (108 kph), which is faster than what you get in most gas-powered counterparts.

To ensure optimum performance, Livaq fitted other qualitative components in the Equad. A hydraulic brake system allows you to quickly and safely reduce your speed. Moreover, a four-link rear suspension paired with an independent front system keeps you stable in all conditions and ensures the EV can withstand impacts.

Upon purchase, you get a home charger that uses wireless charging technology. Livaq also offers a 12-month Shield agreement, meaning you're covered in case the powertrain or any other component malfunctions.

Livaq Equad Electric ATV
Photo: Livaq
All in all, the Equad is an excellent blend of top-of-the-line performance, sustainable technologies and materials, and a clean-cut design. By this point, you're probably eager to know how much this all costs.

The Livaq Equad is currently available for pre-order at a retail price of $28,600 (€26,385). However, you can benefit from a special discount of up to 30% until March next year. If you pay a $1,000 non-refundable, you get the full 30% discount and a price tag of $19,989 (€18,441), while paying a $100 refundable deposit will unlock a 10% discount, meaning you must empty $25,689 (€23,700) out of your bank account.
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