New 2025 BMW M5 Is Almost Ready To Dominate the Executive Super Sedan Class

2025 BMW M5 Sedan 17 photos
Photo: Baldauf/autoevolution
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The next-generation BMW M5 has just moved one step closer to production. The model was recently caught undergoing testing on the right side of the Atlantic Ocean, sporting less camouflage on its body.
The trippy vinyl stickers were no longer present on the doors, yet they were still applied to all other body panels. Still, these are the most revealing spy shots of the car that will bring the battle to the Mercedes-AMG E 63 while retaining its V8 firepower.

Official confirmation about its powertrain came from a dealer meeting, where the M5 Touring (yep, the station wagon is joining the four-door sedan) popped its hood open to reveal its V8 engine. The unit is said to have a 4.4L displacement, twin turbos, and likely an electric motor to assist it. The latter is expected to be housed inside the 8-speed automatic transmission.

Do you know what other BMW M model uses this recipe? If you said the XM Label, then you are correct, as the crossover has 738 horsepower (750 ps/550 kW) and 738 pound-foot (1,000 Nm) of torque to play with. The extra oomph over its predecessor will make it very fast, yet probably not as quick as the hot M5 CS.

2025 BMW M5 Sedan
Photo: Baldauf
The latter boasts 626 hp (635 ps/467 kW) and 553 pound-feet (750 Nm) of torque and takes 2.9s to accelerate to 60 miles an hour (97 kph). That's exactly two-tenths faster than the M5 Competition. Our guess is that the upcoming M5 will deal with the sprint in three seconds flat, with a potential future M5 CS breaking into the 2-second zone and likely being a couple of tenths of a second faster than the old one.

The 2025 BMW M5 is a plug-in hybrid, as evidenced by the charging port positioned on the left front quarter panel. While the regular new-gen 5 Series is far from being the prettiest 5er ever, the M5 will address the styling by boasting different front and rear bumpers with a sportier design. It won't be a beefed-up proposal with broad shoulders, as the Munich auto marque does not intend to target boy racers but businessmen with a need for speed.

It is clear that the model will feature dedicated wheels, high-performance brakes to keep the extra oomph in check, an exclusive suspension that will improve cornering without seriously affecting the car's comfort, sports seats for the driver and front-seat passenger, a bespoke steering wheel, exclusive upholstery and trim, and the usual M logos.

2025 BMW M5 Sedan
Photo: Baldauf
BMW's M Division is expected to uncover the next-gen M5 in the coming months. The order books will probably open shortly after the grand unveiling, and deliveries are likely to commence before the end of the year. The upcoming M5 should be a 2025 model in the United States, and the M5 Touring will join it in the New World.

The long-roof version of the 2025 BMW M5 family will feature the same goodies as its four-door sibling. This includes an identical face, the same gizmos inside, sporty brakes, and so on. The main difference between the two will be the elevated hauling capability of the station wagon compared to the sedan and maybe a few chassis tweaks.

The next-generation BMW M5 Touring will take on the Audi RS 6 Avant, which is also on sale in the United States. The four-ring auto marque's executive super estate stays true to the V8 recipe, albeit with no electric trickery (its successor is also in the making and will launch with ICE and EV power).

2025 BMW M5 Touring
Photo: BMW
The twin-turbocharged V8, which has a 4.0L displacement, kicks out 621 hp (630 ps/463 kW) and 627 pound-foot (850 Nm) of torque in the current Audi RS 6 Avant Performance. This model needs a whopping (for a business wagon) 3.3 seconds to hit the sixty miles an hour (97 kph) mark from a standstill, and it can keep going up to 155 mph (250 kph).

Audi's 2024 RS 4 Avant Performance is one of the best-looking cars in its class, and we think its styling is more appealing than the upcoming BMW M5 Touring, even if we have yet to see Munich's model fully undisguised. Audi is asking for a minimum of $125,800 for the RS 6 Avant Performance. This is the car's MSRP, and it excludes destination and dealer fees, as well as any options buyers may check on the list.

Given its superior firepower with partial electrification, the all-new 2025 BMW M5 Touring may be slightly more expensive. Certain outlets believe it might cost north of $130,000 when it touches down in our market, if not more. The old M5 Sedan kicked off at just under $110,000. So, if you had to choose between the rather old yet still cool RS 6 Avant and the upcoming M5 Touring, which one would you get and why?

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