The Ford F-450 King Ranch Breaks Free Off-Road, Can It Really Drift?

Ford F-450 goes drifting 6 photos
Photo: Team O'Neil | YouTube
Ford F-450 goes drifting and rallyingFord F-450 goes drifting and rallyingFord F-450 goes drifting and rallyingFord F-450 goes drifting and rallyingFord F-450 goes drifting and rallying
The Ford F-450 is one hell of a behemoth. It is around 235 inches long and weighs over 8,500 pounds. But can this behemoth drift and rally? We are about to find out. FIY, ABS, ESP, and Traction Control are off.
At 5,587 pounds (3,894 kilograms), it is clear that it is not going to act like a ballerina on the road or in the off-road. But can it rally like a rally car? Can it drift like a pro drift car? With all the weight, ride height, and body roll, it will surely turn out interesting.

The people at Team O'Neil YouTube channel have been putting to the test all sorts of vehicles for the past few months. they’re a car control and racing school in New Hampshire, so they can do all the rallying and drifting they want on enclosed, safe courses. But this time, host Wyatt Knox wants to check out if the 2022 Ford F-450 can do all the things he has in mind.

The model is powered by a 6.7-liter Power Stroke Scorpion turbocharged V8 diesel engine, which generates 475 horsepower (482 PS) and 1,050 (1,424 Nm) of torque. But all the output and torque that it would normally brag about is not going to help much.

Try to put an 8.5-ton monster through the corners in the off-road and keep it away from smashing into the trees around with the ABS, ESP, and Traction Control off. That can’t be easy. Well, it ain’t difficult for Wyatt Knox either, as he says that it “doesn’t feel scary dangerous doing it.” Besides, the truck has got quite some moves to show.

The Super Duty truck is indeed heavy, but it is stiff and stable, which keeps it planted to the ground without letting the tail snap out of control. The Ford F-450 completes the 1.25-mile course in 2 minutes and 11.78 seconds. That is enough for it to be the last in the ranking of the cars that Knox tested.

What it did better was score a time superior to any vehicle in winter weather. And that should count for something, since nobody buys an F-450 Super Duty truck to go racing and drifting in it.

The variant that Wyatt is dealing with is the F-450 King Ranch, one of the most luxurious available, which starts at $92,090. For the money, customers are getting heated and ventilated seats at the front, all wrapped in Kingsville Antique Affect leather. There is a 14-speaker Bower & Wilkins Unleashed Sound System on board.

The pickup truck rides on 20-inch Bright Machined-Cast Aluminum wheels with unique King Ranch center caps. The Ford Co-Pilot360 and the Pro Trailer Backup Assist make maneuvering easy even when a trailer is attached. Luckily, for the rallying and drifting session, there was no trailer involved.

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