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The Bristol GT Hybrid Will Hit 200 MPH While Doing 100 MPG

Earlier in February, we learnt that the famous British sportscar manufacturer Bristol was bought by Kamkorp Autokraft and it will put out a new hybrid supercar, that will probably be unveiled this year in July. Now, it’s time to learn about its stunning performance features.
Bristol GT 7 photos
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The Bristol GT will borrow the powertrain from the 2009 Giugiaro Namir Concept and it will be about the size of a Bentley Continental. It will feature four electric motors, a lithium polymer battery pack and mid-mounted gasoline 814cc rotary engine to act as a range-extender. The total output of the car will reach 363 bhp (270 kW).

Now to get to the fun part: the car will hit 200 mph (322 km/h) while still achieving 100 miles per gallon (2.5 l/100 km). Also, the range-extended supercar will feature an in-house-made “digital differential” to maintain traction at the best parameters while providing chassis stability and torque vectoring.

According to Bristol’s owner and chairman Kamal Siddiqi, the company will produce “several hundred [units] a year”, each costing “under £200,000” (€237,200).

Source: Autocar


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