Bean Trailer Has Its Sights Set on Overlanding Domination: The Squared Prototype Aims High

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Photo: Playing With Sticks / YouTube Screenshot
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Recent years have seen a surge in overlanding and off-road capable campers. Well, one team that's looking to hit the market with their own idea of a rugged and off-grid-worthy machine is Bean Trailer, and this time around, we explore their prototype/concept, the Bean Squared.
If the name Bean Trailer (BT) sounds familiar, it's because we've covered their work extensively. Why? Mainly because this American-born offers an array of campers, typically in teardrop form, that can handle off-road and off-grid use, all the while keeping precious cash in our pockets. Heck, their most affordable option, the Bean stock 2.0, starts off at a cool $16K!

As for the unit in question today, the Bean Squared, we're looking at nothing more than a prototype, which BT is currently developing, studying, and even doing a bit of market research with.

If you happen to make it onto the manufacturer's Facebook page, lovers of the Bena brand are being asked what sort of options they'd love to see in the Squared. All this leads me to believe that the future could very well be gracing outdoor lovers with this machine, assuming feedback is positive.

Now, the manufacturer's website doesn't tell us much about the Squared, only that it maximizes interior space, is compact and agile, and is equipped to be your home away from home. But there's a neat little video where Bean invited Playing With Sticks, a YouTube channel that's all about campers and outdoor living, to join them on a trip with the Squared.

Bean Squared
Photo: Playing With Sticks / YouTube Screenshot
In it, we learn quite a bit about the Squared, mainly the differences and similarities to other Bean machines. In particular, the fact that this bugger is built upon the same platform as the Black Bean, BT's most rugged and off-road capable camper. As a little side note, that unit starts at no less than $42,390.

With that piece of information, we can already get an idea of what's in store here. Overall, the Squared includes the same Timbren 3500 independent suspension with a 2-inch (5 cm) lift kit and sits on top of a powder-coated steel frame. Overall, 20 inches (50 cm) of ground clearance is standard. If you're curious to see how this setup fares in the real world, there's that video below.

And that's really where any association with other Bean trailers ends. For example, Bean has made a name for itself by crafting teardrop campers, and the Squared is anything but. Even the classic outdoor rear galley that teardrops are known for is no longer present.

Bean Squared
Photo: Playing With Sticks / YouTube Screenshot
Why? In order to maximize interior space, and frankly, I would agree with Bean and countless other potential buyers that this may just be the key to unlocking a new era of Bean machines. Heck, the Stock 2.0 also eliminated the classic teardrop galley.

Then there's that shell. Ever since their beginnings, Bean has been known to craft shells out of nothing other than composite material, ensuring the elements don't eat away at your mobile habitat. The same appears to be true for the Squared, with one major difference being the overall shape.

Upon seeing this unit for the first time, I was reminded of overlanding campers, in particular, Bruder. That same squared-off look and feel are present here, too, including that wicked departure angle. Be sure to notice those storage bays along the lower half of the body. Oh, and it's clearly longer than the other Bean units we find on the manufacturer's website.

Then there's the interior of the Squared. Remember, the key word here is "maximize" and maximize Bean has. Upon finding the spot you'll call home for the next few days or so and stabilizing your unit, you'll need to pop up the roof, creating more headroom than you'd expect, especially in the forward lounge.

Bean Squared
Photo: Playing With Sticks / YouTube Screenshot
Once the roof is up, you'll enter the unit and find yourself surrounded by a basic galley block to the right, a modular seating space in front, and, to the left, a large queen bed suitable for two guests. Be sure to notice all the little storage bays integrated under seating and bedding. Apparently, RV gear brands Bluetti and EcoFlow are loved by Bean; did you spot their gear in the image gallery?

The only feature missing here is a bathroom or wet bath, or if there is one, I didn't spot it. Then again, plenty of after-market options exist, especially if traveling during the summer; outdoor showers are a great option for outdoor lovers.

Now, at this stage, all of what we see is still somewhat of. Work in progress, and if I may input my own two cents, I'd love to see a skylight integrated into that roof right above the bed. One that's angled toward the front of the camper just a little bit so that when the roof is propped up at its angle, you'll be looking through a flat surface, offering an unobstructed view of the world above.

If you've got any input for what Bean should add to the Squared before and if it ever hits the market, feel free to comment below or give Bean Trailers a call and go from there. Personally, if they strike the perfect balance between functionality and price, the Squared stands a solid chance of being seen hitched up by countless trucks and SUVs.

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