Tesla Model X P100D Street Races 800 HP Lamborghini Huracan, No Launch Control

Put the Tesla Model X and the Lamborghini Huracan next to each other and one looks like it might have swallowed the other's entire family. Sure, the Lambo has all the aggression, but you've probably seen what happens to a crocodile if it enters hippo territory.
Model X vs. supercharged 800 hp Lambo Huracan 1 photo
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The last thing that the Tesla Model X design suggests is speed, and yet we've seen what the top-of-the-range electric SUV can do. It's not as quick as its sedan sibling, the Model S P100D, but battery-powered or not, you can only cheat physics so much.

At one point, no matter how much power you have, aerodynamics and sheer weight are going to kick in and limit the vehicle's performance. The good news for owners of the X is that by that time, most sports cars will have already been left in the dust.

The Lamborghini Huracan is no ordinary sports car, though. Its bigger brother, the Aventador, has made quite a name for itself on the drag strip, and this example right here has the added advantage of a supercharger, bringing its total power to 800 hp.

As Parker, the owner of the Lambo says, that's not always good news for the Italian supercar. The more violent delivery of the grunt means it puts a lot of strain on the tires, and all it takes is a less than perfect surface to lose traction and spin the wheels wasting precious time.

You don't have that problem in the Tesla. In fact, the new Roadster is probably the first Tesla vehicle we've ever seen break traction, but with the claimed 10,000 Nm (7,375 lb-ft) of torque, that's hardly surprising. But the Model X will deliver its power consistently over any number of attempts, provided you charge it to the required level first.

The first race starts at the 5:14 mark, and there are several other attempts after that. The first part of the video shows Brooks' experience with the new Roadster during the event on November 16, so you can either skip it or watch it depending on how you feel about the EV.

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