Tesla Model S Obliterates 600 CC Sportbike in Impromptu Street Drag Race

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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
If seeing cars that were designed for speed get smacked by a luxurious four-door sedan in drag races weren't so damn satisfying, we probably would have gotten sick of it already. I mean, the Internet is full of videos showing Tesla cars - either Model S or Model X - put sports cars and even the occasional supercar to shame in quarter-mile acceleration runs.
Motorcycles, on the other hand, they tend to stay away from the drag strip. It used to be that a motorcycle would roast most sports cars in a straight line acceleration race, but they would lose on a twisty circuit due to their smaller contact patch and the inability to push the throttle earlier than a turn's exit.

Then, four-wheel-drive monsters like the Nissan GT-R came along, and the bike's supremacy in a straight line started to get questioned. With the introduction of electric motors, not only do all wheels dig into the asphalt, but they do so with maximum torque from zero revs. Everybody knows this is the EV's not-so-secret weapon, and still everybody wants to have a go at them.

This guy riding a 600 cc sportbike made no exception. Cruising down a highway in Mexico (as they all do whenever there's some street racing involved), he came across a white Tesla Model S. We don't know the exact spec of the EV, but with the biker's pride in mind, let's just assume it's the top-of-the-line P90D.

Unlike previous encounters between motorcycles and Teslas we've told you about, this one is actually extremely cordial. The two act like they've been friends since childhood, complimenting each other's vehicles and just maintaining a very positive attitude about everything that went on.

There are three runs in total, and it could be argued that a more skilled biker would have given the two-wheeled vehicle more of a fighting chance, but given the huge gap, it's hard to believe the outcome would have differed that much. I don't know about you, but I am terribly disappointed there was no wheelie involved. Still, it's good fun to watch, at least for the biker's comments if not anything else.

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