Tesla Model 3's Most Important Option Confirmed: It'll Do Ludicrous

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The Tesla Model S was a very quick sedan in its own right. With the all-wheel-drive option, it became even faster. And then the Ludicrous mode was introduced, and suddenly setting off became a lot more fun.
0-60 mph in about 2.8 seconds fun, to be more precise. There isn't probably any production car out there, limited series or not, that can keep up with a Model S P90D with Ludicrous mode over the first 150 yards of a sprint. Is that really useful? Well, they say we should do all we can to be happy, so I guess you could call something that offers so much excitement "useful."

With the Model S just around the corner - albeit a very long corner - people are starting to wonder if this feature is going to make it onto the cheaper car as well. That's a legitimate question, especially since nothing we've seen or heard about the Model 3 so far recommends it as an affordable electric car: it's got over 200 miles of maximum range and a premium-looking interior.

And that's before you even go into the options list, which allows the Model 3 to be specced just as high as a Model S. Surely there is something that needs to set these two cars apart, besides the obvious difference in size, and Ludicrous mode could have been (part of) it.

Well, during one of his usual Twitter sessions, Elon Musk has confirmed the Model 3 will get its Ludicrous mode alright. In fact, his tone sounded as if it was even ludicrous to think otherwise - his exact words to the question of whether the Model 3 will get it were "of course." And, now that he's confirmed it, it does make sense: a lot of people will probably account for 15 percent of the buying decision for most people since it offers phenomenal performances in a car that's got zero emissions and the practicality of a sedan.

The regular Model 3 is said to reach 60 mph in under six seconds, with that time dropping even further with the all-wheel-drive option - by how much exactly is still a mystery. Since the Ludicrous mode will be applied to the two motor versions, trying to guess its 0-60 mph time on the Model 3 is like shooting in the dark. However, it will surely be less quick than the Model S' 2.8 seconds, or the larger sedan's sales will be in a world of pain.

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