Sportwagon and Crosswagon Tesla Model 3s Are the Best Ideas We've Seen So Far

Tesla Model 3 Crosswagon rendering 3 photos
Photo: X-Tomi Design
Tesla Model 3 CrosswagonTesla Model 3 Sportwagon
It's already been close to a week since the Tesla Model 3 launched, and people are still excited about the new electric sedan, but also a little disappointed with some of the car's features.
It's hard to argue against a $35,000 compact-sized EV with 200+ miles maximum range, sub six seconds 0-60 mph sprint and the backing of the hottest electric car maker of the moment, but that doesn't mean everybody is a blinded fanboy. In fact, the Model S owners were the first to spot the new car's shortcomings, even though it's fair to say that they might have been spoiled by the excellent larger sedan.

But even compared to other cars in its class (with classic, internal combustion engines), the Model 3 offers a weird trunk opening that pretty much negates the large storage space inside on certain occasions. Some people have said that it will make up for this with the frunk (the front trunk made famous by the Model S), but recent images showed that - at least for the AWD version - that's no picnic either.

So one of the things that made the Model S great - its versatility (kids would go on the jumpseats in the back and the frunk would be used for luggage, for example) - is missing, and no matter how much tweaking Elon Musk will do, it can't change much. He's made it very clear that the Model 3 will keep its glass roof, and that means there is essentially nothing that can be done to increase the trunk opening.

Seeing how Tesla Model S owners appreciate its practicality so much, maybe a station wagon version for the new sedan wouldn't be such a bad idea. We do know the Model 3 will eventually spawn a larger family - Musk didn't hide that - but he never once mentioned the possibility of a family car in its purest form. Still, looking at these two images provided by X-Tomi Design, maybe he'll change his mind. Do we really need a less practical crossover more than we would one of these?

If Tesla did the Crosswagon version, I would go stand in line for it in front of a Tesla store, and even camp for a few days. With a slightly higher ground clearance and AWD, that's all the car you can possibly need. And it would get a proper tailgate that can fit bikes outside of Elon Musk's imagination, as the current Model 3 design can.

It won't probably happen, but seeing these images does give us hope that the promised crossover will, at least, look more than decent. This front end works very well with a two-box shape. But you can't help but feel that a lot of people will be going for the crossover just because it offers a more practical trunk, and that's a shame. Not to mention it will fuel the belief that everybody's crazy about SUVs, which seems to never end.
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