Tesla Cybertruck Can Charge Other EVs at 9 kW, but Its Outlets Don't Work While Charging

The Cybertruck can charge a Tesla Model X with 9 kW of power 6 photos
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The Cybertruck can charge a Tesla Model X with 9 kW of powerThe Cybertruck can charge a Tesla Model X with 9 kW of powerThe Cybertruck can charge a Tesla Model X with 9 kW of powerThe Cybertruck can charge a Tesla Model X with 9 kW of powerTesla Cybertruck took the highway range test
The Cybertruck is Tesla's first vehicle with bi-directional charging capabilities. Thanks to the outlets in the cabin and the bed, the Cybertruck can dispense up to 9.6 kW to power electrical appliances or charge other EVs. However, the Cybertruck can't do so while charging, which might pose problems if you power your motorhome that way.
Tesla followed Ford's example and offered bi-directional charging capabilities on the Cybertruck. This means that the iconic electric pickup truck can power various devices using several outlets in the cabin and the bed. It can also power an entire house when needed by using a Powershare-compatible wall charger together with a Tesla Gateway. If your home is already equipped with a Powerwall and Wall Connector, no additional equipment is necessary.

The Cybertruck Powershare features may have been inspired by Ford's Pro Power Onboard, but Tesla gave it an edge over what the F-150 Lightning can offer. Thus, the Cybertruck can deliver up to 11.5 kW to your house instead of Ford's 9.6 kW. Also, the total power available through the outlets is 9.6 kW versus 7.2 kW in the case of the F-150 Lightning. The interesting part is that the Cybertruck can deliver this high current continuously, making it a lot more useful.

As more Cybertrucks have been delivered, many have been rented on Turo and other platforms. This offered the opportunity for independent reviewers and influencers to test Tesla's pickup truck in various scenarios. Out of Spec Studios rented no less than five Cybertrucks and made them earn their money. The operation is still ongoing, although we've already seen several tests, including a highway range test with mixed results.

Kyle Conner from Out of Spec Studios loves to test cars in some unorthodox conditions, as you guessed from the name of his many YouTube channels. In this case, Kyle wanted to know if it's possible to charge other EVs from the Cybertruck and how fast. It turned out that the electric pickup is the next best thing to a house NEMA 15-50 outlet, even though it cannot deliver 50 amps. However, it can go to the maximum 40 amps specified and hold this current indefinitely.

The Cybertruck is actually fitted with e NEMA 15-50 in the bed, but it's limited to 40 amps. So far, we don't know what kind of protection Tesla uses to prevent people from plugging a bigger load than 40 amps into the outlet. A Level-2 charger works perfectly, drawing the maximum allowed. In this case, the voltage has a significant drop, from 240 volts to 227 volts, revealing the strain such a high load puts on the circuit. However, it kept this for more than three hours of charging, which means it could probably do it for as long as needed.

During the tests, Kyle noticed that it was impossible to use the outlets while the Cybertruck was charging. This leaves you with only the USB-C ports in the cabin to power your stuff while charging. For those who use the truck to power a motorhome, this might be inconvenient. For comparison, the Ford F-150 Lightning lets you use the outlets even when it's plugged in for charging. However, Tesla will change this with a future update, as Tesla's SVP for Powertrain and Charging Drew Baglino revealed.

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