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Tank-Powered Prop-Driven VW Beetle Ready for Bonneville Run

As far as crazy engine swaps go, this is one of the more extreme. This man, Mike Niemans, deserves a lot of praise for doing what he did - putting a tank engine, from a 1941 M2 tank, in the back of a VW Beetle, from roughly the same historic period.
Tank-Engined Prop-Driven Bettle 1 photo
However, the 220 hp radial engine is not directly connected to the wheels, and it will be fitted with a large prop, which will push the car along airplane-style. What he currently has on the engine, is simply there to help air circulate around the cylinders, and cool them, but once the full-sized prop will be installed, this will look even more radical.

This is a highly-interesting mod, and we can`t wait to see Mike’s run on the Bonneville salt flats. We would be lying if we didn`t admit to being a bit skeptical about the whole design, and the speeds this is capable of reaching, but we would love to be pleasantly surprised by the speed it reaches.

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