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Fastest Engine Swap in the World [Fail Video]

One of our readers recently sent us an email, telling us that he's just acquired a used car and is determined to go though an engine swap in order to build an entry-level dream car, to say so. He is asking  us how long would such an operation last if he pushes everything to the max.
Basically, he's detemrined to do whatever it takes to get rid of the old powerplant and drop in a new one without having to wiat for days, as he's eager to take his new baby out. Well, here's our answer: an engine swap is the kind of operation that requires you to measure 10 times and unbolt once. This is where you really don;t want to be in in a hurry.

To show what happens when you try to swap engines in a rush, we've brought an Youtube evergreen - just watch the adjacent clip and you'll understand...


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