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Lamborghini Gallardo Set On Fire at Portland Auto Show

A Lamborghini is a work of art, both from an engineering and from a design point of view. Therefore, intentionally setting fire to it should be punished with jail time. This is what a part of the display staff at this year’s Portland Auto Show did to the poor Gallardo in the adjacent image.
Lamborghini Gallardo Set On Fire at Portland Auto Show 1 photo
That’s how we think this story should be viewed. Let us explain. This is a privately-owned Gallardo that was supposed to be displayed at the event. However, fire marshals do not allow cars with more than a quarter-tank of fuel to enter the show, for obvious reasons.

For not so obvious reasons, a part of the display staff decided that the best way to deal with the problem was not to take the car for a ride or replace it with another one, but rev it to the limited while stationary.

If you think this was stupid you are wrong. This was not stupid, if compared to what came next. The people quickly became bored with keeping the pedal to the metal and quickly came up with a solution: they placed a piece of wood between the seat and the gas pedal in order to keep the engine at its maximum revs.

The 5.2-liter V10 inevitably caught fire, with the vehicle having to be saved by extinguishers and then removed from the event. Do you really believe they were that stupid? We don’t - they must’ve did it on purpose so how can they get away with such a thing?

Via: Motorauthority and i_am_Audi (photo credit)


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