Tame Your Toyota Supra With a Varex Bolt-on Muffler

Toyota Supra with Varex exhaust 2 photos
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
How a Varex muffler works
You love the 2JZ natural sound? we love it too, but the cops have another standard when it comes to the good ol’ pipe decibel output. Plus, imagine some “envious” neighbors keying your car because it sounds so good at night. Don’t worry, there’s a way to solve the problem.
Usually, you might go for electric actuated exhaust valves mounted somewhere on the exhaust piping, but that usually requires more pipes, cutting, welding and fiddling around with the electronics operating the actual valves.

But if you got a bit lazy towards the end of your Supra tune-up process, a Varex muffler will work the same and all you need to do is swap it with the old one and plug a cable to a 12 V power outlet (lighter).

Then, you grab the remote control and choose one of the three setups it is already programmed into the valve’s mechanism - Street, Race and In Between.

Depending on the level you choose, a valve inside the muffler will redirect the exhaust gases through a chambered path or not to achieve the wanted level of sound and performance. In Sport mode for example, the valve will let all the gasses flow directly to the exhaust tip, bypassing the restriction chambers.

Here’s a demo of how it works.

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