Toyota Supra GT500 Eleanor Shows Up at Japanese Car Show. Problem?

Toyota Supra Mustang GT500 Eleanor 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
You might have heard about this oddity before, but you might haven’t seen it in the real world. Well, we’re not going to mail you a plane ticket to Japan to see the Supra Mustang in flesh and bone, but we will show you an HD video walkaround.

Until this people were either transplanting the Supra’s engine into something else or the other way around, but some Japanese students decided to go crazy after the exams and turned a fourth-generation Toyota Supra into a Mustang.

And we’re not talking about any Mustang here, but the famous GT500 Eleanor star from the “Gone in 60 Seconds” movie with Nicolas Cage.

Well, considering that a bunch of students built this thing, we have to say it looks stunning and from certain angles it actually resembles the original car quite good. It has some flaws like big panel gaps and some bulky shaped bumpers, but it could fool you out from a distance.

The interior however appears to be almost standard and there are no details saying if the 2JZ inline-six engine got replaced by some thirsty big-block V8. But maybe that’s all the point - the looks of a Mustang and the sound of a blown 2JZ mphsshsshss-ing its way out on each gear change.

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