Simply the Best Toyota Corolla You’ve Seen So Far

V8 Toyota Corolla Coupe 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube/edited by autoevolution
“Oh my gawd, those old Corolas are so awful, you’d basically have to quit on life to buy one!” If you’re picturing a Corolla between its fifth and tenth generation, then yeah, you’re right. Few cars can look and be more boring than that, but if you picture yourself a 1975 Corolla Liftback, the story changes a lot...
Especially if you modify it a bit to look like a respectable JDM racecar or go full mad and turn it into something that would make muscle cars envy it a bit, like Mark Still did with his.

Despite having a limited sports car experience, his welding and fabrication skills came in hand to create this hillclimb monster - a 1975 Corolla Coupe that is basically a Lexus SC in disguise.

The classic body got rid of unnecessary things and was gifted with a reinforcing cage, fat tires, wide bolt-on fenders, an SC400 subframe and even it’s V8 engine with a Mustang Cobra blower on top and a T56 6-speed gearbox.

It’s rough looks are completed by the power that V8 puts out, estimated at around 400 hp at the crankshaft, but there’s a problem with the sound it makes if you ask us. Maybe the exhaust is wrong, because that engine surely sounds better with just some high-flow catalysts and no mufflers.

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