Surprisingly, It's Not a Rapper Driving This Purple Velvet Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead

Since London’s officials are considering putting a stop to the supercar revving, we’re wondering if there’s any way they could bring an end to this velvet fever too. After all, visual pollution is as disturbing as is noise, so we can’t see why they wouldn’t be both adjusted.
Purple Velvet Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead 1 photo
Photo: 458MRP on YouTube
OK, maybe this idea is quite harsh, especially since we are all living in civilized, democratic regimes (well, not all of us, but you know what we mean). However, we believe there has to be a way for odd contraptions like this particular Rolls-Royce to seize to exist. The Purple Velvet and Gold Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe was seen cruising around Harrods recently, and as you can observe, it did cause quite the agitation among passers-by.

Take a deep breath, petrolheads, it will provoke small bits of dizziness as you’ll try to understand the secret behind this contraption. If wrapping your car in velvet sounded strange, then painting it in purple should take things to a whole new level. Add golden accents, which includes the rims, door handles, and front grill and you’ll experience a new sort of vertige (it’s the French word for vertigo, by the way).

To our complete surprise, the luxury limousine in question does not belong to a rapper, at least it wasn’t driven by one the moment the car was filmed. So who is this person and why did he ruin this Rolls-Royce? It’s a quiz we are expecting you guys to solve.

Until then, however, we’d like to mention another detail about the wrap in question. Since it’s not the first time we see this type of aftermarket touch scaring kids in London, we’re quite sure this guy must be one of the customers of Raccoon Vehicle Wrapping, the official branding partner of the Gumball 3000 rally. On the other hand, who cares where these wraps come from as long as we know it has to stop.

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