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Someone Has Created a Magazine Using Racing Games Footage, And It’s Beyond Cool

Racing games are a good source of high-quality car photos, and very often, they help people around the world create custom wallpapers of a model they love but can’t have.
Each photo is based on screenshots taken in Forza 1 photo
Despite not being a new-generation title, Forza comes with awesome graphics, and if the right Photoshop edits are made, then a standard screenshot can turn into a small piece of art.

Someone on reddit, however, has pushed things to a completely new level. Instead of creating just a simple wallpaper based on Forza photography, what they did was take a series of photos with various car models and then stitch them together to create a digital magazine.

The result is impressive, to say the least, and you can check out the 78-page magazine at this link.

It goes without saying the amount of work put into this project probably required hours of editing, but at the of the day, the gamer turned Photoshop wizard has clearly won the Internet this week.

While all photos are based on screen captures from Forza, it's worth knowing that the text in the magazine belongs to Evo or other British outlets, and each article comes with credits in this regard.

All photos taken in-game and post-edited with Lightroom/Photoshop. Most texts are from evo or other British publications (authors are credited) as I did not have time to write everything myself,” the redditor explains.

As for how long it took to make this happen, the Forza gamer says the project required “a very long time,” without sharing any specifics. “It was purely for fun during quarantine,” they say.

At the end of the day, this is an amazing effort, and it’s easily the kind of fun project that could actually land a paid job to someone who just wanted to kill some free time. And of course, it’s another confirmation Forza was, is, and will continue to be one great racing game millions of people play every day.


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