Snake Enjoys 260 km/h Suzuki Ride

Snake on a speeding Suzuki 1 photo
Photo: Youtube
It looks like in certain parts of the world, one can’t really be safe from snakes. And if you thought that Snakes on an Airplane was silly and crazy, how about a snake almost attacking a rider doing 260 km/h (160 mph) aboard his Suzuki GSX-R?
Now that your eyes are popping, hit play on the video below and prepare to be amazed and silenced as you can observe a snake slowly rising from underneath the dash and bodywork and slowly crawls to the front end of the bike’s fuel tank.

As the rider’s speed was really high, I can totally understand the fact that he did not observe the snake, even though it was under his chin, or so. Riding that fast employs exceptional concentration and anticipation, so the human brain tends to be oblivious of many other things happening outside the focus area, therefore noticing the snake is only natural.
Now, truth be told, the rider was extremely lucky the snake did not bite him. Doubtlessly this would have ended very bad for the rider, as a crash would have most likely ensued after the initial bite, and coming off a bike at that speed is not exactly the best way to end a motorcycle ride.

And what’s even crazier is the fact that the snake finds a place that’s apparently safer than the initial nest under the fairing, and coils around the left handlebar. Seeing the rider’s face when he noticed the snake under his nose would’ve been truly priceless. So what’s next, if 160 mph is not enough to keep riders safe from snakes?

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