Thief Attacks Victim on Scooter, Causes Extremely Nasty Crash

Scooter thief attacks riding womanman 1 photo
Photo: Youtube
Judging by the watermark in the upper right corner of the video, this outrageous rubbery takes place in an Asian country, but I’ll just skip stereotypes and won’t even try to guess which one.
The fact that nobody wears a helmet while riding is plain reality, so not a stereotype. Unfortunately it seems like only few riders care for their personal well-being and choose to wear head protection. This poor lady could have stood much better chances if she wore at least a ¾ helmet, if not even a full-face one. Even so, watching the way she impacts the road, I’d say that even an open modular helmet would have not been enough.

Now, as far as the thief’s plans unfold, this is the sad reality: some fellows could shoot or stab a guy for a few pennies, so they obviously don’t care about causing a rider to crash. What will never cease to amaze me, just like other chaps in the western countries is the fact that nobody stops to help and call an ambulance. Drivers and riders alike, they only slow down a bit before continuing their trip, even though the lady is in obvious need of assistance.

I guess I’m never going to understand this behavior, someone please enlighten me…

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