Sir Stirling Moss Drives a Turquoise Renault Twizy in London

You don't have to know much about cars to understand who Sir Stirling Moss is and why he's such a racing icon. So for him to drive a Twizy EV is a huge marketing score for Renault.
Sir Stirling Moss Drive a Turquoise Renault Twizy in London 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
The French company released a Youtube video out of the blue today, showing how this F1 ace parades a turquoise Twizy around London. What's more, he says it is his only car.

At age 85, the Brit probably doesn't do much racing, or driving for that matter. Once in a while, he steps back into legendary machines and reenacts his former glory, but the little Renault is neither fast nor does it have any connection to Moss' past.

First of all, it's electric. We don't mean a Tesla Model S P85D kind of electric, more like a household appliance. The most expensive version, the Urban 80, has a 13 kW (17 hp) electric motor and can drive up to 80 km/h (50 mph).

The Twizy isn't actually a car since it's classed as a heavy quadricycle. Behind the drive, there's room for a passenger, but he's going to feel rather claustrophobic. Stirling Moss probably doesn't like the fact that his little EV has no windows. Still, they didn't have much protection from the elements in his glory days of racing, so he must be used to that.

It strikes us as odd that an elderly gentleman can put up with the firm ride of the little Twizy. But considering it's customized with special paint, this car belongs to him and isn't some marketing gimmick from the French.

He might not own any other car per say, but there are quite a few Mercedes-Benz roadsters that wear his name with pride. We are of course talking about the SLR McLaren Stirling Moss, several examples of which were seen recently in Stuttgart during a calendar shoot.

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