Satirical Video Shows the Hard Life of a Tesla Model S Owner

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Switching from a traditional car powered by an atmospheric engine to an electric vehicle does require a short period of accommodation. For all the benefits that come with it, there are also some things you won't be able to do anymore.
It's obviously all a matter of deciding what is more important for you, and the Tesla Motors Fans YouTube channel has created a video to prepare those thinking about making the jump for what lies ahead. So while they might have cookies over on the electric side, it's not all milk and honey.

The first problem highlighted by the video is the inability to show off in front of friends. For demonstrative purposes, two cars with internal combustion engines (ICE) have been brought together with the Model S. One is a Saab 95 while the other is a gorgeous Toyota Supra. In an attempt to display their talents and attract potential females for mating, the two begin to rev their engines, with the Japanese model even managing to spit out a decent firecracker. The Tesla Model S owner? Yeah, nothing he can do there. He could, however, have challenged everybody to a 0-60 mph acceleration contest. That would have ended quickly and very convincingly in his favor.

Second is the "popping the hood" activity where you get to show everybody the intricate layout of your engine's piping, the size of your turbo and the number of hours wasted wiping it clean. The Tesla, though, has the so-called "frunk" (a frontal trunk). But if anyone dares to laugh, all you need to do is remind them that it's roomy enough to take the body of a fully-grown adult, while grinning sadistically. That should shut them up.

Finally, there's the small issue of refueling at a local gas station. Well, all the Tesla can do is charge using a regular household 230V socket. Well, that's not something you can argue with - if you don't have access to any kind of quick charging, you and your Tesla are in a world of pain. But don't worry, the Supercharger network continues to expand even in Europe (the clip was shot in Norway).

Can you think of other first world Tesla problems that the authors of this video missed?

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