Samsung Will Deliver Its Phones With Drones as Cars Are So Yesterday

Samsung was, is, and according to several market forecasts, will continue to be the world’s number one phone maker despite fierce competition in the industry.
Manna drones shipping Samsung devices 5 photos
Manna drones shipping Samsung devicesManna drones shipping Samsung devicesManna drones shipping Samsung devicesManna drones shipping Samsung devices
Needless to say, this forces the South Koreans to invest heavily in the development of new technology. That involves not only building new features for its phones but also refining every little step from the moment a device leaves the assembly lines to the one when it lands in the hands of the buyer.

And this last stage is the one that Samsung is now trying to completely overhaul, as the company has formed a partnership with Manna to ship phones to customers in Ireland using nothing else than drones.

So here’s how the whole thing is going to work.

You order a Samsung Galaxy device, such as the S21, the Tab S7, the Galaxy Watch 3, or the Galaxy Buds Pro, from Samsung’s online store, with the company then processing it in a matter of minutes. Thanks to custom aerospace-grade drones built by Manna, Samsung can then deliver the phone in no less than three minutes.

So, in other words, you send your order, and by the time you put your shoes on and go outside, there should be a drone waiting for you to get the package.

Flying at an altitude of up to 80 meters at a maximum speed of over 60 kph (37 mph), the drones currently operate in the Oranmore region. Still, Samsung likely wants to expand it to other parts of the country as well.

The new service, which is a first for Samsung globally, will facilitate an end-to-end contactless experience for Samsung customers from their initial online order through the company’s Irish eStore, right through to fulfillment. The service will first be made available to customers based in Oranmore with Samsung and Manna keen to expand this service nationwide in the future,” the company explains.

The drone shipping is only available for devices ordered and paid for online.


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