Samsung Galaxy S20 Can’t Run Android Auto and Users Have Already Lost Hope

The experience with Android Auto isn’t always the best, and owners of Samsung Galaxy S20 probably know this better than any other user out there.
Android Auto error on Samsung Galaxy S20 1 photo
Since the South Korean company started selling the device in March this year, the Internet has been flooded with complaints regarding the problems experienced with Android Auto, with quite a lot of people explaining that the app just doesn’t run on their devices or it stops working all of a sudden.

While the official information in this regard has been rather sketchy, it’s believed several fixes have already been released, but despite all of these, users are still complaining that the Galaxy S20 can’t connect to their cars and run Android Auto.

Doesn't connect at all in my 2018 Camaro and S20 Ultra either. Worked great with my S8 Note in the same car. Each person (Google, Chevy and Samsung) blame each other likes it's not their issue. I can't return the car but I can rid the phone sadly. My friends iPhone works in my car so it has to be an issue with the phone or app. Has to be the app. Come on,” one user explained in a post on Google’s forums a couple of weeks ago.

Back in April, a member of the Android Auto team told users that additional feedback was needed because “we were not able to reproduce the issue.” No other information on the progress of the investigation was offered since then though.

Is there anything that can fix the whole thing on a Galaxy S20? Right now, it all seems to depend on how lucky you are. Some say that downgrading Android Auto, clearing the cache, changing the cables, and other generic fixes could solve the whole thing temporarily.

Others, however, have already lost hope and are currently exploring other devices, including iPhones, with CarPlay said to be running flawlessly in the cars where Android Auto fails to launch.

Very frustrating since I use Android Auto every day! Got the new phone yesterday and thinking of returning,” someone said only a few hours ago.


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