Safety First: The Best Roll Cage Ever!

Brian Gillespie was trying to break his own speed record with a blistering 190 mph pass at the El Mirage strip this month. It looked like everything was fine until he lost control of his car, which flipped for what looks like a very long time. Amazingly, Brian survived this crash. In fact, he only sustained minor injuries and is recovering nicely.
Honda Crash 1 photo
The reason why he's OK is that the record-breaking Honda Insight was figged with a very strong roll cage.

HASport Performance put together an amazing speed machine based on one of the least impressive Hondas ever made. Gone is the old hybrid engine, replaced by the K20A2 Honda engine you got in the 2001-2005 Civic Type R. But power is up from the standard 200 to about 500 hp, thanks to lots of racing bits and a supercharger.

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