Russian Pothole Claims The Truck That Shows Up To Fix It, Everyone's OK

Massive pothole in Bratsky, Russia 1 photo
Photo: Arestov2 on Twitter
Potholes are a driver’s worst enemy, as they can endanger your life if you hit them in the wrong circumstances.
It is not uncommon anymore to see entire automobiles swept into ditches, and poor asphalt quality seems to be a global issue. The latest event from this series happened in the town of Bratsk, which is in the remote area of Irkutsk, Russia.

Apparently, the municipality has been hoping to solve its massive ruptures in the road surface since the summer of 2016, but work has been delayed for various reasons.

The mayor of the city explained last year that the installation of drainage pipelines in the area was the reason why workers could not fix the situation encountered with the asphalt. Somehow, the town received funds to repair its problems, which look concerning if the images posted on Twitter are not digitally doctored.

According to reports, there are pits as deep as six feet (1.82 meters), and it appears that few improvements are being made to the infrastructure in the remote area of Russia.

This month, a repair crew was expected in Bratsk, and it was targeting the large trenches. Unfortunately for the team, it appears that the driver was too focused on correcting the issue, as one of the trucks fell into the ditch. An excavator had to be called to pull it out of the massive pit.

Fortunately, nobody was killed or injured in this accident, which could have ended badly for the workers in the truck and the people in the area.

The Internet began to modify pictures of the crash, which became popular on the country’s most used social network. As The Moscow Times reports, some images have become more popular than others.

With the right legal team, someone who has fallen into one of these ditches could have obtained significant compensation from the state. However, it is better to prevent a personal injury lawsuit than having to fight for your rights with anyone on matters like these.

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