Russian Grandma is Unfazed by Busy Intersection

Some people just don`t seem to have the time to wait, in a civilized manner, while the colour of the traffic light changes from red, through yellow, before it finally turns green, thus indicating that it is safe for pedestrians to cross the road, as cars wait their turn to go.
It is such an elegant system, and its elegance is one of the main reasons why traffic lights, which work in exactly the same way, can be seen all-throughout the world. In Russia, however, these elegant solutions are ignored, in favor of just charging through the middle of the intersection, with cars going both way.

This elderly woman from Russia is extremely brave, we will give her that, but perhaps her bravery should be used for a constructive purpose, not crossing a rather busy intersection, diagonally, from one corner to the other, right through the center. Nobody got hurt, but that still doesn`t make it OK...
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