Ron Perlman Drove Pickup Truck Through Movie Set, Injuring Crew Members

Ron Perlman finished shooting The Last Victim in British Columbia, Canada, earlier this month, but the last day of production was marred by an on-set accident that injured at least 2 people and could have easily set the whole place on fire.
Ron Perlman drives Ford F-150 on the set of The Last Victim 26 photos
At the time, no one from the production or the local police would confirm who was behind the wheel. Initial reports claimed that Perlman was on set when it happened, but also spoke of an unnamed driver, leading to speculation that Perlman himself was not involved.

TMZ has video that shows the actor was driving the truck. Apparently, Perlman had been heard complaining about his cowboy boots, which he felt were too large for his feet, right before getting inside the Ford F-150. He also told the first assistant director that he was wearing an ankle brace and wasn’t comfortable with driving for the scene, but the first assistant director scrapped his concerns and decided doing a first take without rehearsals.

Perlman’s foot got stuck on the gas and he plowed through the set causing mayhem. The same media outlet says that he ripped through a tent in which camera crew were sitting, dragging propane heaters under the truck. It was by sheer luck that the truck and the propane didn’t explode, TMZ says.

Moreover, the truck kept on going even though, at this point, everyone was screaming “Ron, stop!,” as the video available at the bottom of the page also shows. The out-of-control vehicle only came to a stop when Perlman hit a camera and assorted gear.

Two people were injured in the incident, but only one of them required medical assistance on the spot. Police were called and, as per the same media outlet, producers wanted to keep filming despite what had just happened. This was the last day of shooting for the neo-western indie and they were eager to wrap it up. After one crew member quit and others threatened to do the same, producers reconsidered and called it a day.

Perlman’s rep wouldn’t return calls for comment over his involvement in the incident. The initial report claimed that he was “in shock” when it happened, but there is some speculation over how his people may have tried to cover up his share of responsibility by not disclosing that he was driving.


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