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Robert Downey Jr. Enjoys Driving His Loaner Ferrari California T

People may be busy figuring out if that leaked image featuring the entire cast of Marvel’s Spider-Man reboot is real or not. After all, it shows quite a line-up, one that includes the oh-so-talented Robert Downey Jr. We’re car people here; we care less of movies, and a lot more of autos. That’s why, the short clip showing Iron Man driving a Ferrari California T is a lot better to us.
Robert Downey Jr. Enjoys Driving His Loaner Ferrari California 1 photo
Tony Stark is going big nowadays, with all these successful blockbusters hitting the screens one after the other. Oh, sorry, we meant Robert Downey Jr. The thing is the actor admitted he got to a point he sees himself borrowing some of the character’s features. If you'd ask us, we'd say we liked his Chaplin role best, but that’s just us being subjective.

Nevertheless, the action today concerns something completely different than movies, as mentioned previously. It takes the shape of driving delight, and could easily make for our first encounter with Downey’s car enthusiasm. After all, we never thought he was into the drop-top exotics, but that’s what appears to be the case.

So much he liked the sportscar that he even kissed the exotic’s headlights in a pose quite fitting for the famed actor who also has an excellent taste of humor. “California dreamin’ on such a (summers) day” was the actor’s quote, and we can’t agree more. The Ferrari California T is what any petrolhead could wish for during summertime road tripping.

As to the reason for this drive test, it appears the car is a loaner, which can only mean a couple of things: Robert Downey Jr. is considering buying one of these for himself, or Ferrari is hinting at some future partnership. We’ll keep you updated, whatever the case may be.


@robertdowneyjr is having a blast driving the #Ferrari #CaliforniaT!

A video posted by Ferrari USA (@ferrariusa) on Jul 31, 2015 at 2:58pm PDT


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