Rendering: Cadillac and Lincoln Sedans Meet Up To Relive Their Land Yacht Memories

Cadillac DeVille & Lincoln Continental rendering by vburlapp 6 photos
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Cadillac DeVille & Lincoln Continental rendering by vburlappCadillac DeVille & Lincoln Continental rendering by vburlappCadillac DeVille & Lincoln Continental rendering by vburlappCadillac DeVille & Lincoln Continental rendering by vburlappCadillac DeVille & Lincoln Continental rendering by vburlapp
America used to be the battlefield of traditional luxury cars from Cadillac and Lincoln some time ago – but nowadays, they're relegated to the background as the ICE versus EV war takes hold.
On the zero emissions side, we find passenger cars like the Tesla Model S (Plaid), the Lucid Air (Sapphire), or the newly refreshed Porsche Taycan (Turbo S and Turbo GT), all vying for the title of fastest or quickest EV sedan in the world. ICE-powered opposition comes solely from legacy automakers, of course, and Cadillac works hard to keep up with the German trifecta. Lincoln, on the other hand, not so much – not in terms of passenger cars, at least.

Last year, Cadillac's CT5 sales were surprisingly great – but now, during the first quarter, the large sedan has faltered at home in America. Sure, it could be owing to the fact that the refreshed 2025 model year is just around the corner, and everyone wants the updated CT5, CT5-V, and Blackwing. Instead, if you wish to get EVs from them, Cadillac is gearing up for a massive lineup.

Officially, it will consist of the 2025 Optiq compact CUV from China, the current 2024 Lyriq mid-sizer, the upcoming 2026 Vistiq family-oriented three-row, as well as the Escalade IQ and Celestiq flagships. But the rumor mill strongly believes that Cadillac will also deploy a couple of all-electric sedans in the 'near' future based on the updated Ultium platform of EV technologies – one the size of the CT5 and the other a bit larger to supplant the disappearance of the CT6, which is now only available in China as a second-generation business saloon.

Again, Lincoln, on the other hand, doesn't have an EV mindset anymore and has backtracked alongside its parent Ford the plans to bring out big three-row SUVs that could compete with the Escalade IQ and potential offerings from Chevy or GMC. However, that doesn't mean the imaginative realm of digital car content creators won't dream of the times when Cadillac and Lincoln land yacht sedan types ruled the landscape.

More precisely, Vince Burlapp (aka vburlapp on social media or is a prolific virtual artist who loves to dream of all the latest models across the wide-ranging automotive realm, and he's been constantly wondering if Cadillac and Lincoln shouldn't return to their passenger car roots more often than not. As such, he's created both coupe and convertible Cadillac and Lincoln models as part of the Eldorado and Mark (X) series.

But he doesn't think that either Cadillac or Lincoln will revive these nameplates because the sports car sector is critically endangered. Instead, now he envisions some future Lincoln and Cadillac sedans that could bring back the joy and happiness of calling them land yachts – albeit without the greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, he dreams of these big Caddy and Linc sedans as potential legacy automaker answers to the Tesla Model S and Lucid Air woes. So, here are his thoughts on modern (EV) versions of the Cadillac Deville and Lincoln Continental – models that could easily show the Mercedes EQS how it's done when trying to fight the Model S and Air.

What do you think – yay or nay? Of course, this is easier rendered than done – Cadillac might feature the Ultium tech in a large sedan format with absolute ease if they play with the Celestiq and make it a normal four-door. But for Lincoln, at this point in time, I am afraid it's a seemingly impossible task to bring back the Continental as a zero-emissions flagship passenger car, right?

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