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REE Automotive Unveils the Class 3 P7-B Electric Box Truck for the Delivery Vehicle Market

After just kicking off live demonstrations of the Proxima electric van a few weeks ago, REE Automotive is back with another announcement, debuting the P7-B, an electric Class 3 box truck.
REE Automotive Class 3 P7-B Electric Box Truck 6 photos
REE Automotive Class 3 P7-B Electric Box TruckREE Automotive Class 3 P7-B Electric Box TruckREE Automotive Class 3 P7-B Electric Box TruckREE Automotive Class 3 P7-B Electric Box TruckREE Automotive Class 3 P7-B Electric Box Truck
Both the Proxima and the all-new P7-B are built on the company’s P7 chassis, which was unveiled this January, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Proxima is not 100 percent REE’s creation, with the van using the P7 modular, electric chassis, but featuring a body developed by EAVX and Morgan Olson. But the new P7-B on the other hand, is entirely designed and built by REE Automotive.

As stated by the EV platform developer, the P7-B was designed as a delivery truck engineered to meet the needs of mid-and last-mile delivery fleets. The truck is available to prospective customers (such as e-commerce companies, delivery, and logistics clients) who are constantly evaluating it and testing it, with REE claiming that the feedback is so far encouraging. REE’s chief business officer, Tali Miller, says that the P7-B is seen by customers as the truck they’ve been waiting for, describing it as a driver-centric work truck that drives like a sedan but is built to deliver under the harshest commercial duty cycle.

With the P7-B being based on the P7 chassis architecture, the vehicle offers a highly efficient power management system, as well as reduced energy consumption due to better aerodynamics. The P7-B electric truck focuses on maximum driver comfort, safety, and productivity. It can be configured to meet the clients’ specific needs and the full x-by-wire architecture supports all-wheel steer, all-wheel drive, adaptive regenerative braking, hill start assist, and torque vectoring as standard.

REE’s P7-B offers a payload capacity of 4,400 lb (2,000 kg), a peak motor power of 400V, a torque of 545 Nm, and a top speed of 75 mph (120 kph). A range of 150 miles (241 km) is mentioned for the P7-B. You can see more specs for the Class 3 electric truck in the attached press release below and watch the P7-B in action in the video below.

REE Automotive plans to produce both the P7 modular chassis and P7-B in North America and in the U.K., starting next year.

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