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Puma Unveils Special Suede Edition to Celebrate 10-Year Collaboration with Ferrari

Like any other accessories human beings use, shoes have also become a billion-dollar industry, so it’s no wonder historic manufacturers are nowadays everywhere from sports to cars. Puma and Ferrari have recently marked 10 years of collaboration so the German sportswear manufacturer decided to present a new special edition model.
Puma Suede Ferrari 10 Year Anniversary Edition 4 photos
Puma Suede Ferrari 10 Year Anniversary EditionPuma Suede Ferrari 10 Year Anniversary EditionPuma Suede Ferrari 10 Year Anniversary Edition
They chose the old-school Suede line for this number and we think it was the right thing to do. Not that we have anything against the manufacturer, but we simply can’t stand all this outwear racing fanatics who always dress to stand out. OK, we get it, you’re a Ferrari fan and you own almost all the special edition shoes they created for the last four years. But give us a brake, we all have favorites, yet that doesn’t mean we need to bug others with them.

Point is, keeping things classic always works better, since these models are usually more subtle, simpler designs. Like we said, Puma has used the Suede models. The anniversary edition is dedicated to the team that won the most title in the history of Formula 1, featuring the Italian flag colored toes and the Ferrari Shield in the side-rear section.

The brand (whose Creative Director overseeing the womenswear line is Rihanna starting last December) is also the main producer of enthusiast driving shoes and race suits.

The Germans are the primary producer of Formula One and NASCAR clothing. The partnership with Ferrari is only one of their collaborations with the auto industry, since they also entered similar ventures with Ducati and BMW, creating Puma-Ducati and Puma-BMW shoes.

As to the model in question, you should now they are inspired by a style Puma has introduced in 1968, which would normally cost around $50, but since it’s a special edition you’ll need to double that to get a pair.


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